Thursday, October 15, 2009


Being on holiday was a really nice escape. I somehow managed to not really think about the 2WW. I should have gotten my period on the 23rd (exactly two wks post ovidrel).... but I didn't get it then. So although I'd managed to keep busy with other thoughts the previous two weeks, there was no evading anything now. It occupied my thoughts 24/7.

We tried to contain our excitement. We tried to not give it too much importance or to think of it too much. It was a weird feeling- not wanting to be too excited, as we'd already experienced the devastation that comes w/an eventual negative.

So FOUR days late, she decides to arrive. Crushing me all over again.

It was a weird period. Really really heavy for two days and then nothing really. Starting the day before I also had the most excruciating cramps, and I normally get only very mild cramps.

It's called women's intuition but immediately came to mind the conversation I'd had with the Dr asking if I needed to be doing anything else at all. He said no, dismissively. I repeated my question asking about progesterone. He said research didn't show progesterone supplements to make any difference. I should have insisted. I can't get rid of the feeling that the IUI in fact did work. And my body couldn't then sustain the implantation. Which is a shitty feeling.

So do I go back and do 2 IUI's again? I have the sense we're missing out on something.

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