Wednesday, April 28, 2010

on eating well.

So you all know how I’ve been concerned about my rapid weight gain… well when I was home with my parents last two weeks, as I mentioned there was no scale, and I was eating way more than I normally do. Or at least I wasn’t spending hours a day fretting about my eating decisions. Nor was I getting in my daily 40 minute walks or thrice a week gym sessions.. I decided to not think about it.

Well surprise surprise, I lost a pound!!

I only found this out after I was back in NY and checked my weight. And I literally stood in shock. Then thinking back on the past two weeks I realized something. Yes I ate a lot while I was home but almost none of it was processed. My parents generally eat really healthy… We started the day with yogurt and fresh tropical fruits. Lunch was often a raw papaya salad or pomelo salad with shrimp, with a small portion of carbs on the side. An afternoon snack of more tropical fruits. Dinner was rice, and lentils and fresh veggies. My taste buds felt alive, I felt full and satisfied, and the food was delicious and fresh and amazing.

I also realized how great it is to be outside the US and not be exposed to so much processed food. I almost ate nothing processed.

I swam a few times a week. And that was about the only exercise I got.

And that is how I lost a pound.

Really offers some interesting things to think about doesn’t it?

Since I’ve been back, I’ve gained 1 lb back. That puts me at a 1lb gain for 4 weeks. In 22 weeks, I've gained 16 lbs total.

In saying this, I want to be clear and say I’m not trying to lose weight or not gain what my baby/body needs. It’s more that I was concerned, with my insulin resistance issues, about the rapid weight gain. At my last doctor’s visit, she said with some women, you gain a lot initially and then it slows down. Perhaps that’s what is happening with me. But I am going to try sticking to the lots of fresh fruits and veggies, with good carbs routine.

Friday, April 23, 2010

it's a....


Since we found out my heart has been beating wildly.

Fantasizing of the adventures we'll take. The shopping we'll do. The playing and singing and dancing. The secrets we'll share. I can't wait to have you my little one and have our own mama-daughter special bond.

TGIF it's Friday- I have a lot of celebrating to do :)

Have a good weekend blog friends.

Thursday, April 22, 2010

21 weeks

How far along: 21 weeks

Total weight change: down a pound from 2 weeks ago! This merits a separate post- coming soon.

Maternity clothes: I’ve mostly been wearing my regular clothes but sticking to dresses and other looser clothing items. Paired with tights or maternity leggings, these have been working for me so far. Today I wore my maternity pants to work with the bella band and it feels a tad tight on the belly??

Stretch marks: no

Sleep: Still no! I feel like I’ll soon go insane. The only nights I get a decent night’s sleep is if I take a Tylenol PM which I’ve now been doing 3 nights a week to stop myself from collapsing, but other nights at most I get 4 hours of shut-eye. Which is really hard to function on :(

Best moment this week: Anticipation for tomorrow’s dr visit. I cannot believe today is the last day we have of not knowing little love’s gender :)

Movement: Still feeling the flurries and “churning” of tummy type of feelings… quite regularly. It's pretty cool.

Food cravings: I hate to say this, but last few days, I almost seem to have some return of nausea … I haven’t been very hungry, which might be tied to a sudden state of constipation. Add to that the no sleep, and I officially label this the worst week of pregnancy so far :( :( :(

Gender: tomorrow. 930am!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

What I miss: sleep

Milestones: Too tired to think of one for this week!

Friday, April 16, 2010

20 weeks!

How far along: 20 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're halfway there.

Total weight change: no scale at my parents place means I'm not weighing myself. I've been eating so much given what a great cook my mom is... I'm just hoping since most of it is super healthy, I'm not gaining too much weight. I know I've discussed whether I should throw out my scale at home, but not having one around, I'm realising I like knowing. I'd rather know. I met a friend here the other day who has a 1 year old, and she gained some 40 lbs during her pregnancy and is now back to pre-pregnancy weight. She definitely stressed that it's not worth getting stressed out about.

Maternity clothes: my stomach seems to have really balooned in the past few weeks. My mom was saying that when she picked me up at the airport 10 days ago she didn't really see a belly, but now she sees it. I'm noticing it's growth too- I like it :)

Stretch marks: no

Sleep: Ugh, no. I've gotten slightly better in that I'm getting more than 4 hours sleep a night, but still find myself getting up atleast 3 times during the night for the loo and then having a hard time falling back asleep. I really miss the really deep restful sleep I was having earlier in the pregnancy. Napping hasn't been happening much either- hey I'm on vacation, Mr. Nap, please cooperate and let this lady catch up on her sleep.

Best moment this week: it's been so much fun talking baby stuff with my parents and little sister. She's 13 and has been really sweet about taking care of me, and talks to the baby. Today she brought out her baby books to read to little love and the other day I woke from a nap to her playing the piano for the baby etc. It makes me smile.

Movement: I had been feeling a few random kicks here and there but they seem to have dissapeared. Or atleast the sharp kicks. Now it's more random movement, that I'm hoping is the baby. Those of you around 20 weeks or who can remember it, what exactly did the movement you felt feel like?

Food cravings: It's probably due to being home, but I have my mom make me things I loved growing up but haven't eaten in a long time. Funny how old cravings come back when one has a little one in the belly.

Gender: We're both waiting with bated breath to find out in exactly a week. My little sister was the only one in the family who guessed my older sister's recent baby's gender correctly. So she may have some sort of intuition with this sort of thing- she's guessing a boy for us.

What I miss: getting to do things that are totally normal for others but may be high risk for us preggers- like today is the new year here and people are all out on the streets with buckets of water and water guns. It's so much fun but right now my parents don't want me partaking lest some over-zealous water thrower smack me hard with a bucket full of water... I see their concern, but makes me miss a tiny bit the days of being careless and free :)

Milestones: We're halfway there, and just today in reminiscing how far we've come on this journey... one that husband and I wondered if we'd ever be lucky enough to take... One that has been fraught with anxiety but also has been so reassuringly smooth so far... It made me really emotional to think yes, we're halfway there to welcoming our little love to the family. And that feels good.

Tuesday, April 13, 2010

Thoughts on a starry night

Dear Baby,

the heat today got to be too much for your mama. Around 7pm this evening, I headed down to the pool. I was happy to find it empty. I waded into the water, my head filled with many thoughts. Missing my husband who's 11 time zones away... wondering about work I'd left behind... wondering... wondering... as we all do with the every day thoughts that litter our minds.

I was lost in some of these thoughts, some of the past and some of the future when I felt you give me a gentle kick. A small reminder to focus on the present. You must like it when I'm in the water because I feel you move more, reminding me, your mother you have your preferences too.

I started swimming around, relishing the cool and the slight breeze breaking through the humidity. I felt you move again. I then drifted in one of my favorite positions, lying on my back just floating there. The stars bright above me. And I could feel you moving every once in a while, grounding my thoughts to the present.

To how long we've wanted you and how "full" I already feel where that gaping TTC void was. To how we are just a few days away for our halfway mark, a day I most days had a hard time believing would happen for us. To how deeply and fastly I've fallen in love with you, and how I am slowly day by day starting to have faith that everything will be ok with this pregnancy.

As I lay my hand across my belly, and stared up at the sky, I was still and present. Focused on the now, and how beautiful life is right now. Overwhelmed with how much joy I felt, every inch of me alive.

It's so easy to forget how long we've wanted you and to forget to celebrate each day of your being in my belly for what it is. A miracle and the gift of life. Thank you for bringing me back to the present.

Love you, from before we've met,
your mama

Thursday, April 8, 2010

19 wks

Gosh I'm starting to feel really pregnant!

It's been 95-100F every day I've been here, and I must have some water retention or swelling or something because I've been feeling really heavy and started walking the waddle and all sorts of other fun things.

Plus since landing here, sleep has gone out the window. I've always adjusted really well to different time zones but this time the 11 hour time difference is proving hard to adjust to. Or I think it's the time difference... I fall asleep but wake up a few hours later and can't fall back asleep. Last night I went to bed at 10pm, woke up at 2am, and then couldn't sleep. The extreme heat means you drink a ton of water, which obviously means more loo trips too. Due to the lack of sleep, I've been spending my days in semi-zombie land. Naps have been elusive too and I just seem to be perpetually irritated and bad humored (not good D, not good).

So that's my update. Tonight I plan to take a Tylenol PM and get some zzzzs no matter what.

The pampering from mama continues (yay!) and it's so nice to just be taken care. If only I could get some sleep...

Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hello friends :) Greetings from Asia.

My flight was LONG but not too bad (husband says I'm eternally too positive...)- I felt every minute of the 16 hour flight from New York for Hong Kong. The seat right next to me was empty and the kind elderly man in the third seat let me take over the empty seat, allowing me to lie down every once in a while. I watched two movies... read my magazine... made sure to drink plenty of water... and walked around alot. Also husband's suggestion to choose a seat by the loo was a good idea- maybe it was being up high or all the water drinking, I feel like I had to go to the loo every 20 minutes. Fun.

I think the real reason the flight didn't seem too bad was the sweet reward waiting for me at the end: my mama, dad, and little sister. The past few days with them (despite the jetlag associated with getting adjusted to a 11 hour time difference) has been absolute bliss. This special time with them before little love joins our family will be something I'll treasure forever. Plus can anyone spoil you like your mama does?

This has manifested itself in constant offering of the most delicious (and thankfully mostly healthy) food, swims in the pool (100 degrees folks!! it's sweltering here), lots and lots of tropical fruit and the start of many pre-natal massages. I plan to have one done atleast every two days. Not to mention all the love :)

Tomorrow I start 19 weeks. I've been feeling pretty good, other than the jetlag state. I can't believe 20 weeks is just around the corner!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

off to Asia!

wish me luck!

I have a 16 hour flight, 4 hour layover, followed by a 3 hour flight.

I am nervous about this trip because of my aching back- hope I get an empty seat next to me!

See you from the other side of the globe :)