Monday, May 13, 2013

10 weeks

I doubt anyone out there is still reading this space, but I was just going through some of my old posts from around the same time during my first pregnancy, and it was so helpful to have that record of how I was feeling/doing that I decided I wanted to document this pregnancy here too.


10 weeks

How far along: 10 weeks!

Total weight change: -2lbs.  Compared to my first pregnancy (which was fantastic and I felt great the whole 10 months) this time around I have horrid nausea and fatigue. Combined with caring for a demanding toddler, there's not much time to laze around eating bon bons :).  Morning and afternoon is ok, but evening time is especially difficult with the smell of onions/spices/garlic setting me off.
Maternity clothes: oh my, from about 8 weeks, I started wearing maternity pants. My tummy feels already pretty prominent.
Stretch marks: no

Sleep: on and off. Mostly ok, but I don't recall feeling this uncomfortable this early on. Lying on my back is already a no-no and my back has also been bothering me.
Best moment this past week: last week's OB appointment where I got to see the little bub, who is taking on more human features. And hearing the heartbeat was pretty sweet too. This doesn't ever get old does it?

Movement: nope
Food cravings: sour: pineapples and raw mango doused in lime and chili, Thai food (esp raw papaya salad).
Gender: Everyone seems to be guessing male, since this pregnancy has been so drastically different thus far (nausea, breakouts, heartburn, none of the "glow" I had last time around)... but I've had two dreams now of a little girl, and my toddler keeps referring to "my sister".
What I miss: not much. Just so grateful to be pregnant again.
What I'm looking forward to next: NT scan in two weeks!
Milestones: 10 weeks... celebrating mother's day yesterday as mom of two!!!

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Anonymous said...

Congratulations!! I am still reading! I have you in my reader and have been lurking since you were trying for birdie. We were trying for no. 1 around the same time and now we are working on No. 2. Only 2nd month in, but hoping that we are not far behind you this time around too! So happy for you and great to hear everything is going well. How is your sweet little birdie doing? Enjoying your updates! Take care! Nicole