Monday, November 24, 2008

dr. insensitive

so I go to my RE's today, wanting to know if the Metformin is working. He has no answers for me. Since I'm getting my periods around 35 days I should be relieved to be getting my period monthly he says. How do I know I'm ovulating I ask. Husband and I have been trying to guess when I'm fertile but 3 months of that and metformin and we haven't gotten pregnant. My hair is still falling out in clumps I say. He's dismissive of my questions. Tells me to be patient. I wonder if he has any sense of what a woman goes through during all of this.

I am ready to be more than patient. However I still want some sort of confirmation that I'm on the right path. After being diagnosed with PCOS the doctor concluded it was most likely due to elevated testosterone levels, and thus diagnosed me as insulin resistant. Do we re-do blood work to see if the testosterone level has gone down? RE doesn't think that's neccessary. Which leaves me still wondering- how do I know what we're doing is the right course of treatment then.

I leave his office absolutely devastated and call husband in tears. The rest of the day is an exhausting effort to keep a sane face at work.

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