Thursday, April 2, 2009

the backstory

I haven't updated here in a while... since the last post I've been traveling quite a bit internationally for work and blogging hasn't been on my radar. I still am taking 2000 dosage of Metformin daily. A dear friend who also has PCOS sent me a book- review to come- which was just the most fantastic source of information. As a result I started charting for both temperature and cervical fluid. I learned I was ovulating, and the cervical fluid helped us pinpoint when to time intercourse much better too. Anyone not currently charting, definitely should. Our bodies are miracles!

I feel like most of the year we've tried conceiving was hindered by my mis-education on my own body. I'd always thought women had 28 day cycles and that ovulation was always on set dates. No one ever taught us that not everyone does. It's taken many books for me to get to know my body better and I feel like it's only now that I even get when to time things.

Anyhow, we still didn't get pregnant. So went back to the doctor's and did progesterone tests. Which were low as she'd suspected. So I am ovulating but at very low levels. I had something peculiar happen in January. I have no proof but I think we may have fertilized an egg but that implantation didn't take place. I had searing cramps unlike anything I've ever experienced for 2 day, as well as some spotting. Four days or so after this I got my period. Chemical pregnancy?

Despite resisting for so long, we finally went on Clomid as a result. I started this past Monday- days 3-7. Let's see what happens this month.

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