Friday, June 11, 2010

28 weeks

How far along: 28 weeks

Total weight change: 25 lbs gained since the start

Maternity clothes: ick, no thanks. Still buying regular empire waist dresses a size larger and loving the look.

Stretch marks: no, thank goodness

Sleep: has been great lately. Last night I layed down around 9pm to read and fell asleep, sleeping a solid 10 hours!!

Movement: my little love must be hyper active. She constantly kicks, and moves. I just giggle picturing the little dances she must do in there. Lately you can sometimes see her movement from the outside- it looks like twitching. Husband loves being able to see that. She still won't kick when he has his hand on my belly though.

Best moment this week: we were playing around with the music, alternating between my musical taste and the husbands, which really is at opposite ends of the spectrum. She seemed to love his music, and not so much mine :)

Food cravings: nothing really, though I find myself pretty ravenous. I eat smaller meals to ward off the heartburn, but my eyes are definitely bigger than my stomach is these days.

What I miss: nothing much. Maybe bending over? Or easy movement. I've been carrying my round belly with pride. I might just be one of those women who LOVES being pregnant.

What I'm looking forward to next: my glucose test is Monday, and then Monday night baby girl and I fly off to Italy for a week for work. Did I tell you I lived in Italy 6 years while growing up? I haven't been back in the past 15 years, but am super excited. This also marks baby girl's third international trip in utero on 3 continents. She's a rockstar I tell you!


Katie said...

OOh, I am sooo jealous about Italy! I hope you have a fantastic trip!!

Amber said...

Wow- that little girl of yours is quite the world traveler! Hope you have a wonderful trip and I'm glad you're loving pregnancy.

Courtney said...

Things are looking great! How fun to go to Italy again after so long! Baby girl has been to more countries that I have haha!