Tuesday, June 29, 2010

30 weeks

almost 31 weeks- wow. In two days, we'll also be exactly two months's from little love's due date. Blows my mind.

So when I last wrote I was still loving pregnancy and enjoying Italy I see... things have slightly changed since.

The day I was to leave Italy, I had the worst back pain. Like nerve pinching pain, which made me really dread the thought of my 12+ hr journey ahead. I got to the airport in pain, not wanting to draw attention to myself which may preclude the airline from letting me fly. Lo and behold I got offered a complimentary upgrade, hallelujah. It was like my prayers were answered. The flight back was slightly more comfortable as a result.

NY since my return has been absolutely scorching. It's been in the 90s every single day with high humidity. To me it feels like I'm living in an oven. It's unbearable. Our office is freezing (for normal people) so it feels like heaven to me, but the walk to/from work has been unbearable and my apartment even with both AC and fan on, feel oppressive. Past two nights, I keep getting up in the night because of the heat. I don't know how I'll deal with this for two more months! Ready to cry right now at the thought.

The heat has affected everything- I feel swollen (even though husband doesn't think so) and am moving so so slow. I feel constantly in a bad mood due to the heat. My back has consistently been acting up and it's been painful getting through a work day.

So much for the loving being pregnant bit... or atleast I should be thankful that lasted 30 full weeks. I have the feeling the next 10 are not going to be so much fun.

So that is this cranky lady's update. :(

Hope the rest of you are faring better.


Amber said...

I'm only 8 days ahead of you and I feel like my perfect pregnancy is also unraveling at the seams. My back is throbbing, my belly feels SO heavy, I can't sleep at all, and my reflux has taken over. But you're so right, we've had 30 weeks to enjoy it all. And I actually need some reasons to want to get this baby out!

Jill said...

Sorry you've become uncomfortable. But only a little sympathy because it is over 110F here!

Serendipity said...

Being pregnant in the summer heat was just awful, I feel your pain. I spent most of the end of my pregnancy in the pool, I have no idea if you have one to escape to but it would be so worthwhile if you could.

Elizabeth Dagostino said...

It's awful here in Brooklyn as well! I hope there is some relief for you in the coming days. I can't say I feel the "exact" same way, as I am not yet big enough to be in any sort of pain, but I've been quite uncomfortable for the last few days and nights. I work from home, so there is no real relief :(

Glad to hear you are back from Italy safe and that you had a nice upgrade on the way home! Just 9 short weeks left for you!!