Tuesday, July 20, 2010

we have a diva in utero

I am fire. Husband is ice.

I am ever hyper/bothered by small things/impatient. He is eternally calm/thinks things over/doesn't sweat the small stuff.

This is also why we're such a good pair.

Lately when I think of baby girl's personality I was really hoping she'd have more of his personality. My husband's nickname for me is "firecracker" so you can imagine why having a calm daughter may be a better idea. But lately as we've bonded, I'm more and more convinced she's a mini-me.

This happened the other night:

I was dead tired after work. I lay down on the bed with one of the heavy Steig Larsson books, it semi resting on my belly. She gave a fierce kick right to the book. I shifted it thinking I'd bothered her. She proceeded to give another kick and do her squirming dance of displeasure. I commenced to have a verbal argument with her, telling her I'd do with my belly as I pleased (trust me I was tired!). At precisely this point, husband walked into the room and asked who I was talking to. And witnessed our first (and I'm sure not last) mother-daughter fight. I showed him what was going on, and let me tell you the little one did not back down. So I had to concede defeat and read a magazine.

She is this mother's daughter.


Courtney said...

This is hilarious! Good luck with the little spice.

Amber said...

Great story! I love that. My first kick I felt was when I had a book on my belly. My little one throws a fit about the seat belt, which I can do nothing about!