Tuesday, July 20, 2010

33.5 weeks

How far along: 34 weeks on Thursday

Total weight gain: 32lbs since the start

Maternity clothes: haven't been able to wear any non-pregnancy purchased clothes anymore... But I have to say I've finally stopped buying any more clothes for the pregnancy. The other day I saw a pretty dress, and had to remind myself I have only a little over a month to go. Isn't it hard to see all the gorgeous regular summer stuff and not be able to buy anything? I wish I could say being pregnant has put a stop to my shopping but it really hasn't- between the new collection of flat shoes and low-heeled wedges, and empire waisted dresses, I've bought as much as I normally do any season... oi! Wasn't expecting that.

Stretch marks: no!!

Sleep: past few days has been hard. I've had a really hard time getting comfortable. And when I try changing sides, I can actually feel the weight of little one shifted in my belly. It's painful. Also have noticed I have to get up to pee more frequently all of a sudden... perhaps she's lowered herself on my bladder again?

Movement: it had been constant for a while there. Especially with all the cold water I've been drinking to combat the heat wave. But past few days I'm also noticing slightly less movement (she has less space to move the OB said) but I'm feeling more Braxton-Hicks contractions... I didn't realise that was what I was feeling because I thought I'd read somewhere B-H were accompanied with cramps? Apparently not... it's this weird sensation that usually happens when I'm walking and all of a sudden my tummy goes rock-hard and I feel this weird tightening...Fun.

Best moment this week: all of our interactions, me and baby girl. I find myself talking to her pretty often. It's hilarious to my husband but I feel like we've bonded so much recently.

Food cravings: cold things... popsicles... cold watermelon... still have the heartburn and odd return of nausea

What I miss: walking normal... not having constant back ache... a good night's sleep

What I'm looking forward to next: finishing up her nursery and getting together the many items we still have left on our to-purchase list. I want to be finished with all of this by the following weekend max, at which point I'll be 35 weeks.


Jill said...

Ah, memories. I remember all those feelings! You'll be done soon and you can get back to feeling better physically even though you may never sleep again. :)

Good luck with the last 7 weeks or so!!

Serendipity said...

ahh a good nights sleep... I've forgotton what they are :)

glad to read you and bubby girl are still going strong.