Tuesday, August 4, 2009

HSG..SIS... oh my

two rounds of Clomid and confusing results. Any charting I'd been doing went out the window as the months I took clomid my charts were not typical. The first ultrasound showed I'd ovulated though my progesterone test was really low. The second month, they couldn't even ascertain I had ovulated and the doctor remarked she should have had me do bloodwork too. Another month down the drain.

After the experience of clomid with my Gyn, we decided we needed to see a specialist. She was obviously in over her head and didn't know what else to do with me. In reading about clomid, I knew she should have monitored me more than she did.

So on the basis of reccomendations from the ladies posting at SoulCysters I went to see one of the foremost PCOS experts in NY, who is a RE. He went over my history said I was medium in the spectrum of PCOS- not the extreme end, but not mild either. He said he'd need me to do a range of tests to be in his treatment and that I should continue with the Metformin, and do another few months of clomid. Here are the various tests he's having me do:

PCOS Panel:
this was easy enough...albeit time consuming. I had blood drawn... drank a glucose solution and then had blood drawn again exactly two hours later. results pending.

Preconception Lab Panel:
which included genetic testing, for SMA, Fragile x etc. Not exactly sure on the reason for the genetic testing, but as this dr also does IVF, I think it may be to diagnose all ailments that could affect a possible pregnancy. Blood was also drawn for Estradiol, FSH, Amh etc.

My husband similarly had his version of the preconception lab panel, including blood work and a sperm test.

I had this procedure done today. And was dreading it to the point of having mini-panic attacks and being tempted to cancel it up to an hour before. I'd read the varying accounts of other's experience with this and the range of reactions (worse than childbirth to not any worse than a papsmear) had me confused... I followed the women's advice to medicate (1000 mg tylenol night before, 1000 mg two hours before)... Truth be told, other than the humiliating position (feet high up in stirrups) and some mild discomfort (a little more than a papsmear) I didn't feel much. I didn't feel any thing different when the dye was inserted. I had lasik done and that was far more painful in comparision. This may have been due to the tylenol, or due to a very empathetic team of dr/nurse. Anyhow, it wasn't any where close to as bad as I was expecting. In fact, rather than a cab as I'd planned, I rode the subway back home :)

SIS: being the masochist I am I have scheduled the SIS test for tomorrow. A day after the HSG. This is meant to be less painful than the HSG so I think I will be ok. I'll update on how it went.


Anonymous said...

how did the SIS test go? Was it more painful than the HSG? I have mine scheduled next week. All the best to you and your hubby with your new bundle of joy.

pregnant in Manhattan said...

hi Anon... just realised I never updated with the SIS experience.

It was fine. Actually very similar to an IUI (have you ever had one of those done) in terms of discomfort/process.

I didn't feel much (I'd followed the same tylenol regimen as with the HSG) and other than the pool of saline between my legs at the end, it was otherwise forgettable.

Good luck!

Pipu80 said...

Hi, I have done a HSG before and I had taken 2 aleve before the test and the HSG didnt hurt as much at all as I had read about. I have my SIS next week and my first IUI next month. Hope I get lucky like you. Keep me in your prayers. Take care! Loved your blog.

Anonymous said...


My Doctor has advised to take the HSG this month. I just read your blog and would like to know where did u go for HSG test?

Any info will be helpful. Thanks.

Happy weekend.