Thursday, September 10, 2009

my first IUI

I went in this morning for my IUI.

Husb had given me a semen sample in the container the nurse had provided. I then rushed downstairs to grab a cab, no way I was risking being on a shaky subway ride.

I got to the dr's office some 20 minutes later and was made to wait another 30 minutes. I was getting nervous that the sample had been collected practically an hour ago... Finally I was called by the technician who assured me that we were fine time wise.

He had me fill out two labels with my name/husb name, and also handed over the paperwork they had us sign, including copies of both of our IDs.

After this I went and waited, and was called some 20 minutes later.

Went into the room. Sitting on the table with the stirrups has become basically second nature. I was reflecting today on how spreading my legs, albeit still humiliating, doesn't carry the same trauma it did earlier.

The speculum was inserted, and as usual there was slight discomfort. Then the catheter was inserted and before I knew it we were done. It took less than 2 minutes. The dr followed with a sonogram and said the sperm was where he wanted it to be.

After he left, I stayed laying down. The nurse came in some 10 minutes later and told me I could get dressed. I asked if I could remain horizontal for another 5 minutes and she told me that other patients were waiting for the room... Guess that's prime NYC real estate for you.

I went straight in to work and other than some mild cramping had no side effects.

I hadn't ovulated so will go in again tomorrow for another IUI. I wonder if this is really neccessary a second time. But we will follow instructions.

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