Saturday, September 12, 2009

my second IUI

I went in yesterday, for day two of consecutive IUI's. Same procedure, same discomfort.

My normal doctor was out so his partner did the IUI. He told me he thought I'd ovulated already. And then he proceeded to do the IUI, wished me good luck and left, before I'd had a chance to ask what does he mean he thinks I've ovulated...

Does ovidrel guarantee an ovulation?

Yesterday morning I took my temperature (35 hours post ovidrel), and it was not elevated. Went to the doctor's office and the sonogram was at 930 or so. It's very possible I ovulated between when i took my temperature and when I went to the doctors.

BUT this morning, husband woke me up at the normal time I chart (7am) and my temperature was not elevated. I went to bed around 2am yesterday, so I kept sleeping and again took my temperature at 10am. When it read 98.5, which is my usual post-o temperature... Adding more to the confusion of which one to trust.

I am keeping my fingers crossed and hoping this works !

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