Friday, May 14, 2010

24 weeks

Hi friends!
Work has been so busy recently that I haven't had time to visit your blogs or post as often as I'd like. I often think of topics I want to do posts on, or wonder how those of you whom I read regularly are doing... Note to self: must make time!

How far along: 24 weeks

Total weight change: 20 pounds since I found out I was preggers.

Maternity clothes: still detesting maternity wear, but really embracing dresses. I bought a couple of empire waisted dresses from regular stores (Banana Republic, Anne Taylor Loft etc) in a size larger and they're working out beautifully.

Stretch marks: no

Sleep: knock on wood, still getting a good night's sleep. Also it's been a week but I haven't been getting up to go pee. I notice my belly seems to be a little higher recently so maybe the pressure is off the bladder? Correlated to the sleep- boundless energy lately!

Movement: really enjoying little love's bursts of movement :) It makes me smile each and every time. I can actually feel her moving when I'm sitting/standing now. It's amazing.

Best moment this week: see above

Food cravings: seem to be gone... but lately I really crave milk, which is strange since I've never been a milk drinker. Unfortunately, heartburn has arrived in full force, usually appearing every evening. I've been eating a good breakfast and lunch, and basically eating yogurt/milk and fruits/some crackers for dinner. I can't handle anything else. My appetite dissapears come night time, most likely due to the heartburn that appears no matter what I eat.

What I miss: NYC gets gorgeous in the Spring time, and suddenly there are lots of social events organized around outdoor bars/restaurants. There's something about being outdoors that makes me miss a good cocktail... a classic dirty martini or a margarita on the rocks. mmm.

What I'm looking forward to next: hmmm. I've been enjoying every step of this pregnancy, but enjoying it day by day. If I have to think ahead, I can't wait to be in the third trimester soon!


Kelli said...

Been missing you! Glad to hear that everything is going well. Enjoy those nights of full sleep (and an emptier bladder). :)

Courtney said...

MMMM....margaritas!! Good to see you, sister!!

Anonymous said...

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