Monday, May 24, 2010

is my 3rd T already here?

(belly at 25 weeks)

Well I know technically I still have 1-3 weeks to go (depending on which measure you use) until I enter my 3T but I am starting to feel the symptoms.

I don't think I ever did a post on how fantastic I had been feeling for about a month. Tons of energy, my skin was glowing, my hair was just lustrous (first time in my life I could say this!). Now that Spring is here and my belly bump is actually visible and not hidden under a coat, even random strangers are giving me nice smiles and New Yorkers not known for their friendliness are being so kind. I'd been sleeping well. My appetite was back to normal. Spring was blossoming around me and I felt just amazing.

As of the last few days, this is slowly changing... Well most of the amazing attributes are still there, but I've been wracked with heartburn. Initially it was just evening time, no matter what I ate. Heartburn after oatmeal? Yep. Then it was heartburn after lunch and dinner- heartburn after a salad? Yep. And starting today it's heartburn following breakfast. Aghhhhh it's going to be a long day. I've been taking Tums, and at my last Dr's appointment Friday, the Dr suggested Pepcid, which apparently you take before your meal and it stops the heartburn from ever appearing. I'm going to stick to the Tums for now, but let's see.

I've also had bouts of nausea.

I really do hope I have as smooth of a 3T as I've had 1&2Ts. But the state of the last week has me wondering.

So other than the heartburn and nausea, I've been LOVING being pregnant. My husband says I have more energy then he's ever seen me have and he seemed a little worried when I told him the other day that I loved being pregnant. He seemed to be doing the mental math of how many times I may want to do this again and again :)

Happy Monday and hope you all have a wonderful week!


Katie said...

Heartburn is the worst! You look great, aren't you enjoying watching the belly grow?!

Kelli said...

Boo for the can be tough! Do you like milk? I try to have a dairy product with my meals (like yogurt for breakfast and milk to drink before/during meals) and it helps some. NOT a cure-all by any means, but I think it's helped at times (and kept me from taking more meds). Just a thought...

I'm so glad that you're doing well and that you're loving every part of this! It's such a miracle. :) ENJOY!

Amber said...

I've been loving pregnancy too, and I actually keep praying for things to get worse so that I'm ready for it to end. As of right now, I'd keep this baby in forever! :) Sorry about the heartburn, mine is killer too. I'm hoping it means we are having babies with lots of hair.

jenn said...

Looking good momma! Where did you get that pretty dress?

I second Kelli's milk idea. I'm going through about 2 gallons a week because its about the only thing that really helps.

Courtney said...

You look great! I eat Tums like candy!!!

BS said...

You may want to consider taking pepcid since acid reflex can make you nauseous! It's a class B drug and is fine to take during pregnancy. I've also heard of a tsp of baking soda.