Monday, May 3, 2010

22.5 wks

How far along: 22.5 weeks!

Total weight change: up a pound

Maternity clothes: Still learning to adapt to my growing belly. Perhaps it's my modest nature, but I really dislike tight clothing that draws attention to my belly area. Men seem to ogle at that which makes me feel really gross. I prefer flowy, loose items.

Stretch marks: no

Sleep: doing much better, finally! Have been sleeping a good 8 hours most nights, getting up maybe once for the loo.

Best moment this week: feeling a sharp kick earlier today. Reminds me in the middle of a busy work day that I have our daughter growing in me. It's an amazing feeling :)

Movement: I feel things every once it a while- I've noticed that if I'm hungry but being a little lazy about getting up to go eat something, I'll get a noticeably sharp kick. That's happened twice now. Otherwise I don't feel drastic movement. It's more like flutters. Usually at nighttime if I lie flat on my back on the bed. I can't wait to feel more, more regularly.

Food cravings: ugh, it's return of the heartburn!! Today had a salad for lunch and had heart burn? Had no tums at work so suffered through it. Had a smoothie once I got home and once again heart burn? I took a tums and forced myself to eat some dinner. I seem to be past the cravings stage of my pregnancy.

Gender: it's been a week since we found out it's a girl, and it still makes me smile each time I think of her as that :)

What I miss: moving around easily in bed. Gosh turning has become a real battle!

What I'm looking forward to next: more movement?

Milestones: a few weeks away from the 3rd T!!


Amber said...

I was just feeling occasional movement a couple of weeks ago but this week it has been very frequent. (I'm almost 24 weeks). It's really reassuring now!

Glad you're doing well- great job on the weight gain!

Courtney said...

I a agree, turning over in bed is definately not an easy task any more!!