Sunday, August 1, 2010

almost 36 weeks

Gosh so many thoughts on my mind and don't even know where to begin.

I've been following all your blogs on google reader on my iPhone but can't figure out how to comment. So in order to comment I have to log onto my laptop and remember what I wanted to say... And these days I'm LAZY :)

So... since the last post we did the hospital tour. I have been immensely impressed so far with both my hospital and the nurses. The pre-natal classes we're taking are taught by a L&D nurse from the hospital and she has such a holistic and natural approach, that it's been really comforting. (Granola as the husband calls it).

Also in the course of the class we've realised that almost every single thing on our birth plan is already done automatically so we will not need to fight for it.

For ex:

the birthing rooms are really decorated in calm colors, with much of the medical equipment hidden behind you. The bed itself has a bar, a mirror and allows for squatting and other positions. The hospital encourages movement throughout labor for as long as you can. Drugs are provided on a request basis and you're encouraged to discuss beforehand with your doctor what your preferences are.

the baby will be handed over to me right after birth, as that is standard practice. They also highly encourage in-room nursing and only take the baby away if it's requested by the mother

they offer a complimentary breastfeeding class and are certified by the WHO as a breastfeeding friendly hospital.

etc etc

All of this has flown in the face of what I'd read the hospital experience would be.. on some blogs as well as books like the Ina May Guide to Birth... My friend who works in hospital administration tells me that "baby friendly" certified hospitals are still a rarity in the US, and perhaps my hospital is more of an exception than the norm, but I feel lucky to be birthing in a place that is so mother-centric. It's comforting.

I had been feeling some slight anxiety about the birthing process a few weeks back but what's always helped me is arming myself with information. So while we'd been reading a ton about the baby, I hadn't really looked into the actual process of birthing. Focusing on that for the past week or two has really helped me to feel like I know what the differnent options out there are, that every l&d is unique.. and somehow that information makes me feel like I'll be fine.

Now the next subject to research is the post-delivery recovery. A friend who gave birth two weeks ago was saying the actual labor and delivery was nothing in comparision to how painful recovery has been for her.. Any days who've birthed recently want to comment.

You think you're finally ahead on all you need to know, only to find out there's so much more to learn about!!

What else... the nursery is coming together. We just have a few more items to order and then we're all ready for lady love's arrival. How I'm feeling will be the subject of another post, as sleeplessness and back aches are still plaguing me... Ah the joys!!


Amber said...

I'm so glad your hospital has the same values you have. I hope you have the birth experience you're hoping for. That little one will be here so soon!!!

Jill said...

Recovery was worse for me too, but I had an epidural. I highly recommend an epidural but understand if you are hoping for natural. Although many women that have sworn to go natural beg for that epidural! Recovery was tough but baby will be 4 weeks tomorrow and I finally feel really quite good. Good luck and I can't wait to hear about your baby's debut!

Elizabeth Dagostino said...

I have not given birth yet, but have some of the same concerns/reservations that you do. Something that has helped me through the "overwhelming" feelings is something a friend said (she's had both a hospital birth and a home, water birth) - your body was MADE for this, let it do it's job as much as possible and don't be nervous, the body will do what it needs to protect you and baby.

I found that really reassuring and true, and also remember you will have excellent medical care at the same time. Something that's also helped me get through some "panic" attacks about L&D, has been reminding myself that it's just a short amount of pain for a lifetime of love and happiness - so it's worth every pain, pull, and stretch that comes with it :)