Tuesday, August 17, 2010

almost 38 weeks

Nursery- ready
stroller- ready
clothes- laundered
hospital bag- mostly packed
support team- husband is ready and mom arrives from Asia Saturday
me- ready to labor
only thing not yet ready? baby girl's name.

A name is such a big thing. And how we pick and name a child is so culturally specific. Back home, children often don't have a name for a few months. They're initially called by nicknames/terms of endearment, and once the parents have gotten to know their child they'll find a name that is suitable. This to me is how a child should be named. Unfortunately, I am giving birth in the US and it will require us to have a name before I can leave the hospital.

We've shortlisted 3 names that could be possibilities. But none of the three feels completely "right". We were discussing this with my parents and I think it's because we haven't met her yet.

So here's hoping to the name clicking once baby girl makes her entrance, otherwise we may be in trouble :)


Amber said...

I think that picking the name was the most difficult thing we had to do, not to mention we had to have a boy and girl name since we didn't find out.

I'm glad you've got everything else in place though!!! That little angel will be arriving soon. :)

Serendipity said...

D wasn't named for nearly 8 hours after his birth, we had some names picked out but the one that felt right in the end was one we'd discounted early on.

Naming is hard, don't pressure yourself to pick something just because you think you should :-)

Courtney said...

A few months without a name? Wow, I guess it makes sense to make sure the name fits the child's personality.

Kelli said...

Just a quick note to say 'Thanks' for checking in on us. We're doing well...just incredibly busy. :)

Been thinking of you...can't wait to hear that Baby Girl has arrived! :) And I think you'll know her name when you see her...never fear!