Saturday, August 7, 2010

almost full term- 36.5 weeks

How far along: 37 weeks in 4 days!

Total weight gain: 32lbs since the start

Sleep: almost non-existant. It takes me hours of tossing and turning before I finally fall asleep around 3am. I get up around 7am to go to the bathroom and then can't fall asleep again. I've been heading to work early, and getting through the day has been really hard. I'm dead tired by the time I get home but try not to sleep that early. By the time 10pm rolls around, sleep has escaped again. It's a very strange feeling- to be so tired but not to be able to sleep. Every few days I've been taking Tylenol PM to get atleast a decent few hours of sleep so that I can continue functioning. It's getting to be increasingly impossible to focus at work and to think I still have so much to get done before my maternity leave starts in 2 weeks :(

Movement: constantly. She actually shifts from one side to the other and we can see it from the outside. She's head down, so this is her bum we see- kind of cute :) Lately when I walk I get really intense Braxton-Hicks which cause me to stop and catch my breath. Any one else get these?

Best moment this week: having pretty much everything done- crib here and installed, stroller put together, all the essentials purchased, diapers and wipes in the cabinet. Only thing I really have left to do is wash her clothes. My husband's colleague's wife was due same date as me- she gave birth 4 weeks early last week- they're both doing well thank god- but it really kicked me into gear to get everything ready. This week I'm focusing on cleaning up the closets some more to get rid of stuff and make room for baby stuff, and finishing decorating little girl's room. I suppose before 37 weeks I should also put my hospital bag together?

Food cravings: lemon popsickles and cold cold watermelon

What I miss: sleep

What I'm looking forward to next: being full term ... starting my weekly appointments.... and strangely looking forward to my first internal exam next week to see if I'm dilated/effaced at all.


Amber said...

I get BH contractions if I've been on my feet for very long at all. They are getting much worse in the evenings and when I'm walking. Hopefully, our bodies are actually getting into gear!

I have my first cervical check this week too, so I'm praying that it's doing something! Hope yours goes well and congrats on being full-term in a couple of days.

Katie said...

Ditto on the BH contractions! I am actually going to mow the lawn this morning to see if little man can drop any further to get some cervical action. I have my first check on Monday...Can you believe we are so close?!!!!! Does it seem like it's gone by fast to you??

Elizabeth Dagostino said...

Wow!!! Almost full term!! I'm so excited, since I've been following your blog for some time now. I can't wait to hear al your birth stories. Just out of curiosity, where are you giving birth in the city? I'm having our baby in Brooklyn, at NYM (New York Methodist). Did you have trouble selecting your hospital and Doctor? I had some issues at first but so happy with my current Hosp and Dr.

Keep writing, we want to hear all about little Love!!