Tuesday, November 10, 2009

IUI #3

I nervously went in yesterday for my monitoring visit, half nervous it was too late to attempt Ovidrel + IUI this month, but thankfully one follicle was 23.5 and the others on the right side were the same size as a few months ago. Good news: hadn’t ovulated yet. Bad news: again this month I only have one follicle. Oh and also good news: endometrial lining is 9.5 this month. Much better than previous months!

So I was asked to do ovidrel last night, and come in today and tomorrow for IUIs.

I hadn’t filled my prescription for Ovidrel. Even after insurance it’s $50 and not knowing if it was too late already this month I didn’t want to purchase beforehand. Not a good idea. So I re-submit my order via the Pharmacy’s website and get a confirmation saying it’ll be ready for pick up after 5. I had a crazy day at work and didn’t think about it again. I went to the Pharmacy at 7pm to pick up the Ovidrel and they tell me they don’t have any at that store and nonchalantly say they’ll get it for me tomorrow. I was furious and they maintained since it fell on some sort of controlled substance list that they couldn’t transfer it to another pharmacy for me. It was only after I remembered that I had an extra prescription were they able to tell me another pharmacy that carried it and I quickly ran over to pick it up before they closed at 8pm.

Close call!!!

I took the Ovidrel last night- once again not as bad as they say. Injecting yourself is something I’m becoming an expert on.

Went in for the IUI today. Motility was 15.7 Million. Which apparently is decent. I hadn’t O’d. I go in again tomorrow for IUI #4. Hopefully this sticks.

Thursday I will start the progesterone.

Something my doctor didn’t recommend but that I’m doing anyhow this month is adding baby aspirin.

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