Wednesday, November 11, 2009

iui try #4

So I went in this morning again for my 4th IUI (2nd this month).

After what was a frustrating 2 hour wait?! I finally got called in.

Only to be told I still hadn't ovulated. This was 36 hours post-ovidrel. Wasn't an ovulation guaranteed 36 hours post ovidrel? The doctor said normally it's 40-50 hours. No internet research backs that up however.

My doctor wasn't in, and it was his partner doing the IUI so I didn't get too many questions in.

I cannot tell you how confused I am. Husband told me I very well may ovulate today and the IUI will not have gone to waste, but to think all of that humiliation may not have led to anything...

And I really should get off the internet because now I'm reading about too large follicles (30mm+) and getting paranoid. Mine were 23 yesterday, so should be 25 or so today...

I'll ring my doctor tomorrow since now I'm also confused about when to start taking the progesterone, as that can interfere with ovulation.

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