Wednesday, April 28, 2010

on eating well.

So you all know how I’ve been concerned about my rapid weight gain… well when I was home with my parents last two weeks, as I mentioned there was no scale, and I was eating way more than I normally do. Or at least I wasn’t spending hours a day fretting about my eating decisions. Nor was I getting in my daily 40 minute walks or thrice a week gym sessions.. I decided to not think about it.

Well surprise surprise, I lost a pound!!

I only found this out after I was back in NY and checked my weight. And I literally stood in shock. Then thinking back on the past two weeks I realized something. Yes I ate a lot while I was home but almost none of it was processed. My parents generally eat really healthy… We started the day with yogurt and fresh tropical fruits. Lunch was often a raw papaya salad or pomelo salad with shrimp, with a small portion of carbs on the side. An afternoon snack of more tropical fruits. Dinner was rice, and lentils and fresh veggies. My taste buds felt alive, I felt full and satisfied, and the food was delicious and fresh and amazing.

I also realized how great it is to be outside the US and not be exposed to so much processed food. I almost ate nothing processed.

I swam a few times a week. And that was about the only exercise I got.

And that is how I lost a pound.

Really offers some interesting things to think about doesn’t it?

Since I’ve been back, I’ve gained 1 lb back. That puts me at a 1lb gain for 4 weeks. In 22 weeks, I've gained 16 lbs total.

In saying this, I want to be clear and say I’m not trying to lose weight or not gain what my baby/body needs. It’s more that I was concerned, with my insulin resistance issues, about the rapid weight gain. At my last doctor’s visit, she said with some women, you gain a lot initially and then it slows down. Perhaps that’s what is happening with me. But I am going to try sticking to the lots of fresh fruits and veggies, with good carbs routine.


Courtney said...

I can totally relate to this. I gained significant weight to being with and now I am the gaining a typical 1lb per week at 27 weeks. After "getting in trouble" for gaining "too much" a few times for eating completely healthy and knowing the calories I eat per day, the doc finally said well I think you may have been underweight to begin with! Uh gee thanks. Do your thing sister! You body will do what it wants WITHOUT your consent!

Lose weight fast said...

Today was a pretty good day as far as the diet goes. I ate lots of fruits & veggies! All of the fiber made me super bloated though! I had a Fiber One Bar for Breakfast, a Pear for a Morning Snack, Grilled Chicken Stir Fry (not fried) LOADED with Veggies for Lunch, Grapes for Dinner, and some Crackers for an Evening Snack. All I wanted to do when we got done playing golf though was go to JJ's and get an ice cold Corona and a plate of Cheesy Fries with Bacon & Jalapenos...but we didn't! I stuck to the plan and just had a light snack to curb the hunger. I have to weigh in at the Dr.'s office tomorrow and I'm really hoping it doesn't show a weight gain. It might show a 1 pound gain or so though...bummer.Since I haven't had a chance to practice golf since my last lesson because of the rain lately, I decided to cancel my lesson tonight and practice instead. Sky and I played our lovely 9 hole course here at the apartments. We walked it so I got some pretty decent exercise in. My legs are even a little sore and I'm pretty tired. I am actually improving quite a bit this year. Here's a happy picture of me right after I hit par on one of the holes. Granted, it was only a par 3 hole, 54 yards...haha!

R. Eductil said...

Now we all know how our body react to change and how it takes time to adjust and then when our bodies get used to something we have to change again because it adepts and does no good. But I am just tired of these people thinking it is "EASY" NO IT IS NOT! I did not get this weight over night and I am not gonna lose it all in one week! Your "help" is not helping it is fueling my anger!I know it is not all of y'all that do this, heck it is none of the folks that just watch my vids. It is you little weight trolls!You cant lose yours so you try to Help others by saying all kinds of stupid trash. Shut up and leave us alone.

A. Cai said...

A successful weight loss strategy based on reducing calorie intake and increasing activity can be adjusted to maintain your desired weight once you reach it. Unlike typical diets, this method is sustainable -- it is a lifestyle change, not a binge-and-purge exercise. Slowly adjust your diet and exercise to include more weight training and calories, as much as is comfortable for you. If you do gain any weight back, you want that weight to be lean, toned muscle, not fat. In addition, weight training, no matter what your age, prevents muscle atrophy and can help stave off osteoporosis.Instead of thinking of it as losing a certain amount of pounds, think of it as being a certain weight. So if you are 145 pounds, and you would like to lose 10 pounds, think of it as being 135 pounds. This helps you think about it as a long-term goal and not just losing the weight to gain it back again.