Saturday, September 11, 2010

41w3d- still no baby

Ok ladies this is getting ridiculous.

I went in Thursday for a sono and little girl is snug as a bug and happy in the womb. Too happy it seems. Amniotic fluid levels were good too. And I still feel movement all day long.

She checked me and I was finally 1 cm dilated. Woohoo. I also requested she strip my mebranes and she did. I asked about castor oil and seeing I was dilated, she said it was worth trying since I'm hoping to avoid being induced.

Long story short, I took 3 tblsp of castor oil that night, and spent a few hours in the loo and then had 5 hours of intense contractions. Even called the OB at 5am, when the contractions were 5 mins apart. She said we could either go into the hospital or labor a little longer at home. We decided on the latter, and spent the time showering, getting the hospital bag ready etc. Lo and behold, two hours later, contractions started getting farther apart and eventually dissapearing. The OB called to check in and when I told her what had happened, she said it must be early stage labor and could last days.

Which it has. All of yesterday, last night and today I've had cramping and contractions (ranging randomly 10-30 minutes apart). I cannot say how frustrating and annoying this is. Not to mention painful. Add to this that I seem to have to go to the loo after everything I eat, resulting in painful hemarroids. I guess it's not punishment enough to have pain in your belly and back... pain in the ass has to be added to the equation.


My induction was to be scheduled for tomorrow, but the hospital was fully booked, so now I have been told to show up Monday night. On the one hand, it gives me one more day to hope baby girl makes her appearance naturally. But on the other hand, I'm just tired of this.


Amber said...

I'm feeling frustrated for you! I can't imagine being pregnant this long and not having the baby. The anxiousness kicked in for me about 37 weeks, so I can't even imagine how you're feeling. Good news is that it can't be much longer and you're showing good signs that active labor is coming. I hope your next post is announcing your little one's arrival!!!

Jill said...

You poor dear! Best of luck - this sucky part will be over soon and she will be in your arms. I think I keep saying that so I feel like I'm lying! But she has to come out sometime!

jenn said...

I hope by now your holding that little one! Dont wory it will be over soon, and you'll be so in love that you wont care about the sucky part anymore.

Courtney said...

Any news yet??? I so hope so!

Jill said...

I just realized it's been forever since you posted. That baby must be out! I hope everything is ok.