Tuesday, September 7, 2010

how is this even possible?

Impatient to wait until tomorrow, I had the OB's sneak me in for an appointment today.

We did the NST- baby girl is apparently moving alot per usual in there and has a great heartbeat.

The OB checked me and.... still NOT DILATED at all!!! She seemed surprised. I even more so.

Really? I'm practically 41 weeks. How is that even possible?

I go back in Thursday for a sonogram.

And then if baby girl is still not here come Sunday, they will induce.

I am hoping to avoid that... though seeing how my body seems to be making no progress, it is a real possibility.

I asked the OB about castor oil today, and she said it doesn't harm, but she doesn't think it'd help either. That if I don't mind bouts of diahrrhea to give it a try... Has anyone tried drinking castor oil to bring on contractions?


Jill said...

I personally don't believe any of the old wives' tales for bringing on labor. I think it happens when it happens. But I guess when it doesn't happen you have to have help. I hope you don't have to be induced - I totally understand wanting to avoid it. Good luck!!!

jenn said...

I know this isnt what you want to hear but, if your body isn't ready nothing will work. So given that your not dialated I'd avoid the icky side effects. Hope by the time you read this your holding your little one inyour arms. Hang in there.

Amber said...

You must have a wonderful uterus to live in... I'm so sorry you're still waitimg on the little one to arrive. I hope it's really soon. Oh and I was never brave enough to try castor oil!

Katie said...

I've heard castor oil does more harm (on your bowels!!) than good...but I totally understand your desperation! Hang in there!

Red said...

Hoping your wait is over by the time I read this.