Monday, September 6, 2010

Baby girl is still not here

I am 5 days past my due date, almost 41 weeks along.

I still have no real "signs". Have been cramping on and off, especially night time. Get really strong BH, especially when I go for my twice a day walks. TMI, but I've been going number 2 after every single meal (which I read somewhere is a sign?). But I've had all of these things for almost two weeks now, with no change.

I've been trying many forms of natural labor induction- nothing's worked:

I ate one whole pinapple- no result

I've been walking 3 miles daily- no result

Nipple simulation- no result

Love making- no result

Eating spicy food on a daily basis- no result

It's probably because I don't see any progression, I continue to feel really discouraged :( I haven't tried Castor Oil yet, but if the OB tells me I'm dilated at my next appt, I just may.

The Dr's was closed today, but I'm calling them first thing tomorrow to see if they'll fit me in tomorrow. I don't want to wait until Wednesday and I'm nervous that they haven't seen me since last Monday.

Thanks ladies for answering my Q in my last post. New Q for you: how exactly did BH feel different from real contractions? Usually BH for me lasts minutes at a time. I still don't get how long the real contractions last- is it just a sharp pain and tightening for a few seconds? And you time until the next one? Was it always accompanied by back ache? Having a hard time telling if I'm still only having much stronger BH or if these are contractions... ?


Jill said...

I don't know how to describe my contractions at all. They didn't even hurt at all at first and were pretty brief. I just KNEW. But even if I hadn't known it became obvious quickly. It isn't like the tightening and rock hard feeling I felt with BH. When you want to stop talking and moving during them it's probably real. Time from the start of one to the start of the next to find how far apart they are. Good luck! I thought for sure Labor Day would turn into labor day for you. :(

Amber said...

Everyone kept telling me I'd know, and I really did. From the 1st one that woke me up, it just felt different. I couldn't talk during and felt like I needed to be in a hospital. I hope it's soon!!!

pregnant in Manhattan said...

you ladies were right. When they finally happened, I knew what they were :)