Thursday, September 2, 2010

40 weeks

Today is baby girl's due date.

If it wasn't already obvious- she isn't here yet.

I had another OB appointment Monday (last week's was just last Friday)- no progress. No dilation. No nothing. To make matters even more annoying, the OB's office is moving this week so they were closed all of the week and saw me Monday as a result. My next appointment is not until next Wednesday, at which point I'll be 41 weeks.

Sensing my dissapointment perhaps (?), the OB was telling me about the impending storm (Earl I guess) and how the L&D ward was quiet last week and the Dr's and nurses were joking about the calm before the storm and expecting a lot of births this week. Something about barometric pressure leading to labor... I don't know. I had my hopes up with the full moon theory, so I know better than to put too much stock into this one.. But I still am hoping... Let's see.

I'm still feeling pretty bummed out. But I have to say one sleepless night I started looking on my archives on this blog and came across the post I'd made Aug 2009, titled "hearbreak" where I was at my lowest point and questioned whether I had it in me to continue the IF battle. Reading that brought tears to my eyes, and made me say aloud "I have no right to complain". How far we've come in a year's time. But maybe it's because of how long we were TTC, plus the 9 months of pregnancy and waiting, but I feel like we've been waiting for this little one for years now. If I ever come across as ungrateful on this blog, please know I count my blessings daily. We're just a little impatient to meet our little miracle.


Courtney said...

I felt impatient, miserable, and guilty for wanting our daughter to arrive. Don't be upset that you feel this way. You know what a blessing you have in your belly, but that doesn't mean you can't be anxious for her arrival. You have waited a long time! I hope she comes soon!

Anonymous said...

I think everyone has a right to complain at 40 weeks REGARDLESS of how you got there.

Katie said...

40 weeks is WAY TOO LONG!!!! You are a trooper...I hope you get to meet your little miracle VERY SOON!!

Amber said...

I felt the same way and I really think that infertility makes it worse. You've waited long enough (much longer than 9 months) and that baby is such a huge blessing that you're just ready to meet her. I'm hoping it's soon!!!

Jill said...

Congrats, you're almost there! Luckily, babies can't stay in forever even if it feels like it!

K said...

I'm only 22 weeks, and in the past few weeks, I've had such a hard time thinking about how we have to wait until January for Babel to arrive. Thinking about how long I've really been waiting puts the feelings in perspective for me b/c by the time he arrives, it will have been almost 3 years. Plus, it's such a tease that you feel them wiggling around in there and YOU CAN'T HOLD 'EM!