Thursday, April 8, 2010

19 wks

Gosh I'm starting to feel really pregnant!

It's been 95-100F every day I've been here, and I must have some water retention or swelling or something because I've been feeling really heavy and started walking the waddle and all sorts of other fun things.

Plus since landing here, sleep has gone out the window. I've always adjusted really well to different time zones but this time the 11 hour time difference is proving hard to adjust to. Or I think it's the time difference... I fall asleep but wake up a few hours later and can't fall back asleep. Last night I went to bed at 10pm, woke up at 2am, and then couldn't sleep. The extreme heat means you drink a ton of water, which obviously means more loo trips too. Due to the lack of sleep, I've been spending my days in semi-zombie land. Naps have been elusive too and I just seem to be perpetually irritated and bad humored (not good D, not good).

So that's my update. Tonight I plan to take a Tylenol PM and get some zzzzs no matter what.

The pampering from mama continues (yay!) and it's so nice to just be taken care. If only I could get some sleep...


Courtney said...

Take advantage of the mama pampering!

Katie said...

Congrats on 19 weeks! Can you believe it???! I hope you are enjoying every minute of your mom time!!!

Kelli said...

19 weeks! WOW...congrats! :) And may not be just the time change that's effecting your sleep. Seems like that's when my sleep patterns started getting a little wonky, falling asleep easily but not being able to stay asleep as you described. It could totally be the new time zone...but that might give you another thing to blame it on. ;p

Hope you're enjoying yourself and that you soak up every minute of that pampering! Hugs!

Red said...

I am glad you are enjoying the pampering - it doesn't happen second time round I am finding out, so enjoy it this time!

Are you feeling flutters yet? Are you planning on finding out the gender?