Tuesday, April 6, 2010


Hello friends :) Greetings from Asia.

My flight was LONG but not too bad (husband says I'm eternally too positive...)- I felt every minute of the 16 hour flight from New York for Hong Kong. The seat right next to me was empty and the kind elderly man in the third seat let me take over the empty seat, allowing me to lie down every once in a while. I watched two movies... read my magazine... made sure to drink plenty of water... and walked around alot. Also husband's suggestion to choose a seat by the loo was a good idea- maybe it was being up high or all the water drinking, I feel like I had to go to the loo every 20 minutes. Fun.

I think the real reason the flight didn't seem too bad was the sweet reward waiting for me at the end: my mama, dad, and little sister. The past few days with them (despite the jetlag associated with getting adjusted to a 11 hour time difference) has been absolute bliss. This special time with them before little love joins our family will be something I'll treasure forever. Plus can anyone spoil you like your mama does?

This has manifested itself in constant offering of the most delicious (and thankfully mostly healthy) food, swims in the pool (100 degrees folks!! it's sweltering here), lots and lots of tropical fruit and the start of many pre-natal massages. I plan to have one done atleast every two days. Not to mention all the love :)

Tomorrow I start 19 weeks. I've been feeling pretty good, other than the jetlag state. I can't believe 20 weeks is just around the corner!


sienna said...

*yaay* for 20 weeks! have a blast in hong kong. i envy you all the yummy food you get to eat while there :o)

Crunchy Baby Mama said...

YEAHHHH HALFWAY THERE! Totally feel your excitement.

Courtney said...

I love the positiveness!! yay for 19 weeks! I'm glad the flight was manageable!