Friday, April 16, 2010

20 weeks!

How far along: 20 weeks!!!!!!!!!!!!!! We're halfway there.

Total weight change: no scale at my parents place means I'm not weighing myself. I've been eating so much given what a great cook my mom is... I'm just hoping since most of it is super healthy, I'm not gaining too much weight. I know I've discussed whether I should throw out my scale at home, but not having one around, I'm realising I like knowing. I'd rather know. I met a friend here the other day who has a 1 year old, and she gained some 40 lbs during her pregnancy and is now back to pre-pregnancy weight. She definitely stressed that it's not worth getting stressed out about.

Maternity clothes: my stomach seems to have really balooned in the past few weeks. My mom was saying that when she picked me up at the airport 10 days ago she didn't really see a belly, but now she sees it. I'm noticing it's growth too- I like it :)

Stretch marks: no

Sleep: Ugh, no. I've gotten slightly better in that I'm getting more than 4 hours sleep a night, but still find myself getting up atleast 3 times during the night for the loo and then having a hard time falling back asleep. I really miss the really deep restful sleep I was having earlier in the pregnancy. Napping hasn't been happening much either- hey I'm on vacation, Mr. Nap, please cooperate and let this lady catch up on her sleep.

Best moment this week: it's been so much fun talking baby stuff with my parents and little sister. She's 13 and has been really sweet about taking care of me, and talks to the baby. Today she brought out her baby books to read to little love and the other day I woke from a nap to her playing the piano for the baby etc. It makes me smile.

Movement: I had been feeling a few random kicks here and there but they seem to have dissapeared. Or atleast the sharp kicks. Now it's more random movement, that I'm hoping is the baby. Those of you around 20 weeks or who can remember it, what exactly did the movement you felt feel like?

Food cravings: It's probably due to being home, but I have my mom make me things I loved growing up but haven't eaten in a long time. Funny how old cravings come back when one has a little one in the belly.

Gender: We're both waiting with bated breath to find out in exactly a week. My little sister was the only one in the family who guessed my older sister's recent baby's gender correctly. So she may have some sort of intuition with this sort of thing- she's guessing a boy for us.

What I miss: getting to do things that are totally normal for others but may be high risk for us preggers- like today is the new year here and people are all out on the streets with buckets of water and water guns. It's so much fun but right now my parents don't want me partaking lest some over-zealous water thrower smack me hard with a bucket full of water... I see their concern, but makes me miss a tiny bit the days of being careless and free :)

Milestones: We're halfway there, and just today in reminiscing how far we've come on this journey... one that husband and I wondered if we'd ever be lucky enough to take... One that has been fraught with anxiety but also has been so reassuringly smooth so far... It made me really emotional to think yes, we're halfway there to welcoming our little love to the family. And that feels good.


Katie said...

Yay for 20 weeks! I totally know what you mean about not partaking in certain activities...but isn't it so worth it?! I'm counting down the week with you until you find out!!!

Kelli said...

Such an exciting time! Happy Halfway! :)

I think all the things that you're feeling are totally normal, right down to the weird sleep. I went thru that phase, too. It DOES get better. And at 20 weeks (if my faulty memory serves me), the movement was pretty random, more minor fluttery type stuff and rolling movements than actual punches and jabs and kicks. I know how the brain fog goes. :) It wasn't long after that when the more powerful stuff came along and became more 'regular' or frequent or whatever you want to call it.

Hope that you're still having a blast (despite not getting to participate in the water works). Enjoy! Enjoy! Enjoy!

Courtney said...

Yay for being half-baked.
The movement at 20 weeks were little thumps and ver sporadic!
I miss having mindless fun too, especially with the summer coming!

Red said...

Half way, yay!

The pregnancy weight doesn't matter. If you plan on breastfeeding it just drops off if you combine it with even a little exercise. Otherwise an active toddler will do the trick!

At 18.5 weeks I am getting some movement from Lucky now (but bear in mind that this is not my first baby) but it is still small enough that I don't notice it for most of the day until I actually sit down during Champ's nap in the peace and quiet.

Enjoy the rest of your holiday. Good luck for the big scan!

Amber said...

I just started feeling movement at 20 weeks and I was getting little firm kicks and some rolling type feelings. It's getting even more defined now, which I love!!! My RE kept me on metformin because it can reduce my risk of gestational diabetes. I preferred to just stay on it, but I'm sure it's fine either way. :)