Wednesday, February 10, 2010

10w6d- waiting for the NT scan

One of the surprises of our first OB visit was being told we'd have 3 total scans for the remainder of the pregnancy. Since we found out we were pregnant, we've had one scan a week (and 2 the wk I was in Mexico and had the accident) and been totally spoiled by getting to see our little love so often. To be honest, the scans also induce alot of anxiety about how the baby is measuring and all of that, so maybe it's not a bad thing but it still makes me sad that we'll not get to see our little one so often!!

So the next time we're scheduled for a scan is for the NT scan in 2 weeks time. Maybe this is standard, but my OB gave me an envelope with a lancet and a form I need to mail in after I prick myself and get some blood on some circles. Yesterday my sister was over and we tried and tried and I couldn't get myself to prick myself. I tried a few times and then figured out the lancet was defective and then I couldn't get myself to use the second lancet. It was beyond ridiculous, especially seeing how often I had to inject myself while TTC. I know I need to do it today and mail it in tomorrow to make sure we have the results the day of the scan, but why is it so hard to prick yourself? And who's brilliant idea was this?? Why couldn't a nurse just do it.

Another reason I'm excited about the NT scan is that after we get the results we can finally start telling people. I have some friends who are pregnant and it will be fun to tell them and go through pregnancy with them, even if they're further along. It seems a lot of people can find out the gender at the NT scan- did you find out what you were having at the scan?? This is beyond exciting for us- I can't wait to find out what our little love is.

So with those thoughts I sign off tonight from a beautifully snowy NYC eve.

ps: can't believe I'm 11 wks tomorrow!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jill said...

I asked when I scheduled my NT scan if it would be too early (10w3d) and the girl said no. Then when I went in they told me it was too early so it was just a regular old u/s. I would be really surprised if they could tell the gender then unless it is for sure a boy. But 11 weeks...yay!!!!!

Wifey said...

YAY for 11-weeks!! Okay, so the NT scan, I opted to not have it done. I mean, I know it would have been another peek at my Little Bean, but I would NEVER choose to terminate this pregnancy based on anything. When my OB said this test had no medical significance at all, it sealed the deal, no NT test for me. I'm a special needs teacher, so if my child has special needs, they will still be absolutely perfect. I didn't want unnecessary worry if the results were bad, you know?