Wednesday, February 3, 2010

9w6d- first OB visit

So first OB visit went really well. I was scheduled as her last patient so it felt very unrushed. We looked over all the tests done by the RE and what others we needed to do. Over the course of the conversation I managed to get through all my questions without it feeling like I was interviewing her. Much less of a nightmare than I thought.

I've been seeing her for two years as a regular GYN, annual visit sort of thing. She gained my trust by being the one person who diagnosed my PCOS after many many visits to other doctors. She has a really relaxed attitude that inspires a level of comfort. As much as I grew to trust my RE, he always made me nervous.

The biggest surprise at today's visit was that I will only have three scans over the coming months. We'd been having one a week since we found out we're pregnant which she said was because I was qualified as "high risk" then and no longer am.

The other surprise was she's dating me at 9w6d. Not really a surprise in the sense that that is what it should be with my last period date. But because we know exactly when I ovulated the RE had placed me at 9w4d. Not that it makes a big difference- my due date is now 9/5 rather than 9/4. Not that that will mean anything.

I'm scheduled for a NT scan next week. She suggested once we'd done phase 1 and 2 of these scans that we could finally start telling people around week 17. It was almost funny how easily I just opened up my leg, and how the pap smear was a breeze after everything I've been through :)

I also have to say since being discharged by the RE, I feel far less anxiety. I asked the OB today if as a PCOS'er I had a higher MC rate, and she said once we were at this stage, she'd say we're good to go. That was so good to hear.


Kelli said...

Congrats on a great visit! :)

Red said...

That sounds great. Very comforting.

Amy said...

That is great!

Amy said...

That is great!