Tuesday, February 2, 2010


Tomorrow I have my first OB-gyn appt. I saw the RE last week when he released me, which was kind of bitter sweet. We've grown in our relationship to one of more trust and I did not know how to thank him enough for helping us achieve our dream.

I feel woefully unprepared for tomorrow's visit and the questions I need to ask. Guess there's the list of questions on various site's I can run through. Do people really sit and "interview" their doctors? When I called to re-schedule the appt, they mentioned the doctor was out the next 10 days and that since I was already in my 10th week I needed to come in so we could also schedule my NT scan and other bloodwork.

Also had a check up with my GP for my leg and after a scare this weekend where I woke up with the sheet soaked in blood (checked my panty right away as that was my first thought) and realising I was bleeding from the wound. It's subsided somewhat, but I'm still bleeding. Today the doctor confirmed my wound is infected and put me on another cycle of antibiotics which he assures me is ok. This makes me nervous since I've even been avoiding taking any tylenol for the pain and hate the thought of having antibiotics coursing through me. He pointed out the risk of an infection would be higher. I'm going to run it by my OB tomorrow. As this would now be day 10-17 of antibiotics. Also he referred me to a surgeon as he thinks they may need to re-open the wound and check out the site of infection.

I nearly died hearing that. Just my luck, that me who has never broken a limb in my life nor ever sprained anything or sustained any sort of injury have to have this happen to me while I am pregnant. When they can't give me any thing for the pain. Fantastic.

So that is my state.

Btw after my last self-pitying post, husband encouraged me to make an appointment for some pampering. So I went to the nail salon right downstairs and got a mani & pedi :). I also walked down the block and had my hair blow-dried and you know what... I instantly felt like a million bucks. Nice what a little pampering can achieve :)

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Red said...

Good luck at the appointment. Don't feel unprepared; they are just as scared of you as you are of them (or is that animals?). I never know what to say at those appointments unless I have an issue I want to raise, and just let them lead.

That sucks about your wound. The waking up to blood must have been horrifying.