Monday, February 8, 2010

jeggings- wha?

Have you ladies heard of a fabulous invention called jeggings?

They're a cross btwn leggings and denim and anytime I leave the house lately I've been living in them. They are stretchy and soooo comfortable and I wear them tucked into my comfy boots and look remotely decent. As opposed to the sweatpants look- not attractive. I plan to spend the next 7 months in these and have a decently fashionable pregnancy!!

I bought my pair randomly at Filene's but I'm sure you can order them online. Just buy them a size larger than usual (so I got a L rather than M) and they fit really comfortably around the waist. I'm so happy these are around right as I'm pregnant!!


Repeat Possessions said...
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Red said...

You are very lucky to be able to wear them - they would not look at all decent on me! :)

pregnant in Manhattan said...

I think the secret is to wear them w/a longer cami/sweater, and tuck into boots. This is a look anyone can carry off?