Sunday, February 7, 2010


copying some of my fellow bloggers with their quiz:

How Far Along? 10.5 Weeks!!!!!!!!!

Symptoms? Fatigue (though less than it was a few weeks ago), gagging when I brush my teeth, nausea around dinner time every day, breakouts on my face, sensitivity to smell

Total Weight Gain? Initially it looked like I'd gained 2 lbs (bloating?) but now I'm back to my original weight. The OB reccomended a total weight gain of 25 lbs for my pregnancy, which surprised me since I'm a healthy weight and I thought this was on the lower end of the spectrum. Do they always reccomend on the lower end?

Maternity Clothes? Bella band. And next weekend (with my leg healed inshallah) I want to go check out the Old Navy maternity wear sale. I haven't been to work in two weeks due to injury and have been living in leggings/sweat pants, so it may be a real shock once I wear my work pants again.

Stretch Marks? I don't think so. My skins been so dry so I've been slathering on the lotion. My whole body has really visible blue veins which fascinate me.

Sleep? Really well! Early on in my pregnancy I was suffering really bad insomnia. Then with the injury I was sleeping badly. As of this past week, I've been sleeping a full night w.o waking up. The need to pee also seems to have gone down slightly (?)

Best Moment Last Week? My first OB visit and being welcomed into the club officially. It finally feels real.

Movement? Not yet. Though if I am to admit something at the risk of everyone thinking I'm nuts, I sometimes feel these slight butterfly like flutters. Don't know what they are but I've never felt them before.

Food Cravings/Aversions? Have been having a really picky appetite (no meat, no onions, I'm digging plain things like yogurt and fruits and french fries, and anything sour - love mangoes sprinkled with lemon juice, pickles etc)

What I Miss? Sushi! That's the only thing I miss so far.

Looking Forward To? Seeing our little love again at the NT scan appointment.

Milestones? Can't believe we're 2 weeks away from 2nd Trimester!!

How Is Daddy? My husband has always been an amazing man, but lately he's been doting on me endlessly, spoiling me with massages and treats. I'm lucky to have a good man.


Red said...

Glad everything seems to be going so well.

It is hard to wait between ultrasounds, hey? Oh to be some lucky rich celebrity with their own machine.

The movements might be gas or ligaments stretching. I have both and did with Champ at 10 weeks also, then at 16 weeks I felt him move when I sneezed and that was the start of knowing what to look for. It is hard when you don't know what to expect.

Kate said...

Grr... I'm so jealous of your sleep!!! Glad you're getting good rest and that your husband is spoiling you like crazy! Maybe he can talk to mine... ;0)

pregnant in Manhattan said...

hah- the spoiling may have more to do with my wound and being immobile than being preggers. Don't know, but I'm loving it nonetheless. I'll tell him to have a word with your husband ;)

princess rose said...

yay i made 10 weeks yesterday too! so excited to be in the "double digits" =)