Friday, February 12, 2010

fries... ice-cream... chips...

I've fallen into a horrible habit of eating junk.

You see I've always been nutritionally minded- most days my life consisted of oatmeal w.flax for breakfast, a big salad for lunch, and some healthy concoction like lentil soup for dinner. I'd ofcourse splurge every so often, eating out at our fave Thai joint, pancakes and sausage brunches or the occasional McD.
Over the past two weeks I've gone bananas. I've eaten McD's atleast twice a week (their fries are about all I can eat when nausea hits), finished one of those large bags of doritos by myself over a few days and this morning ate a brownie and ice-cream for breakfast (so ashamed!). It's like I have no self-control.

I think for me it's compounded by my leg and not being able to go buy the fruits I want or the healthy eats I'd otherwise prepare. And since becoming preggers I can't stand to cook- last night I made a rather healthy pad-thai with some gorgeous king prawns and lots of veggies. The husband LOVED it, I ate one bite and couldn't stomach any more. So dinner was: 2 pickles & a Chobani low fat yogurt.

Maybe it's because I veer between binging on horrible junk food and eating not much from the nausea, but I haven't gained any weight either. Especially amazing when I think about the fact that I used to walk 45 minutes every day (to and back from work) and go to the gym atleast three times a week. I've gone from that to basically not being able to walk even? It's a mystery to me how I'm not gaining tons of weight.

I just can't understand my behaviour. It's not like I'm thinking "oh now that I'm pregnant, I can eat whatever I want". It's more of a mystery- I honestly feel like I crave these unhealthy items, which I've never craved ever before. And I then have no self-control on top of that.

Does anyone else find themselves eating horribly?


Jill said...

Earlier, I was just like you. I often didn't or couldn't eat, and when I did it wasn't always healthy. Now that the nausea is gone, I eat better and healthier, for the most part. I usually am a big junk food person but the last couple of weeks when I eat something junky I feel really sick so it convinces me to stay away. I wouldn't worry about your eating habits right now. Eat when you can and do the best you can. Your vitamins will help baby. In a few weeks, you should be able to do much better! Good luck!

Kate said...

I'm with Jill - eat what you can eat now since so little actually sounds good!

Red said...

I am exactly the same. Although I am not overly concerned about it because I was the same when I was pregnant with Champ and it did get better after the 1st trimester. It is the nausea that does it, whatever even appeals at the moment is eaten!

Kelli said...

Welcome to my world, sister! :)

I went from low-carb/gluten-free/whole foods to McD's and ice cream and Cinnamon Toast Crunch in a wink!! What!? And I actually LOST weight for the first few months. I swear, it was heaven. :) And the docs didn't give me any grief...they just told me to eat what I could, when I could and worry more about the 'healthy' eating when I started feeling better.

PROBLEM! I am now completely spoiled to eating junk and all of that weight I had lost is finding me...and quick! Soooo, now I'm back on the healthy eating path and it is SUPER difficult because my junk food cravings are so strong. Oh, the joys! Of course, since it's what's best for baby, I'm doing all I can to eat better (but don't put a McDonald's in my path just yet...I'm not a saint)!! :)

katie said...

Now that I am past the appetite is out of control. I am 11wks today and I have gained i am trying to not gain anymore atleast for another week...I normally eat very healthy but now I am eating junk and chocolate!! Trying to keep it to a minimum but my self control has gone out the window.

princess rose said...

what a relief to read your post. i was just like you, ate healthy 80% of the time, salads, oatmeal, green smoothies, mostly organic and mostly fruits/vegetables. about 2 weeks ago that all went out the window and i all i want are salty carbs. funny that you mentioned mcdonald's because i was craving their chicken nuggets so bad last week! but i never went through with it.
i also think i want something, then i will have it and don't ever want to see or smell it again. EVER!

on the other hand, i HAVE been gaining weight. a lot. tomorrow i will be 11 weeks and i have gained about 11 lbs. it is sad =( today i bought my first pairs of maternity jeans, they are cute though as long as you don't see the tummy part!!! and way comfy!

i have also been having dull headaches and almost all day nausea. i am looking forward to this thursday, my first prenatal appt and also hopefully we will get to see our baby for the first time. take care and have a good week!