Saturday, February 27, 2010

energy? I hardly recognize you

Is this 2nd trimester fabulousness?

My evening time nausea seems to have dissapeared and as of today I feel a whole lot more energetic.

Energetic enough to actually deep clean my apartment (or atleast start the process), go do a real grocery shopping trip and make dinner.

We have a 2 bedroom 900sq ft apartment in Manhattan, which is a luxury compared to the shoe-box most of our friends live in. We have decent closet space, once again for this city, but compared to the attics and garages I hear the rest of America talking about, I'm talking about 4 good size closets.

Twice a year I swap the winter and summer clothes and rest of the year they're stored under the bed. Today looking at my closet, I realised I'm not going to be able to wear most of what is in there for another 6 months, so I started the process of organizing my closet. My fitted workwear is all being stored, with only the skirts and dresses staying put. I figure Spring will be here soon so this gives me a head start.

Husband and I have also agreed we'll do a major purge, getting rid of a lot of stuff that's sitting unused anyhow, to make space for baby's stuff. The guest room will have to double as the baby room. And for the near future, that should be fine. We really plan to try our hardest to not accumulate too much baby stuff, which is pretty standard here in the city as no one has extra space.

I figure I'll take advantage of the days when I actually have energy and start this process of making our home ready for our baby. Husband was remarking earlier how much our lives have changed- a Saterday night spent at home cleaning?? He says he barely recognizes me :)

PS: just realised today I went to the gym after about a 3 month hiatus... thinking that the connection between the energy and the workout (even as low-key as it was) is a sure thing


Red said...

Glad you have your energy back. Yep, better make the most of it while you can. Your tird trimester will be spent napping agin!

Katie said...

I am so in the same boat as you. Can you believe it's just 6 months away?? This new found energy is amazing (and completely welcome!).

Anonymous said...

Glad your energy is returning!

Serendipity said...

so glad you have your enegry back - looks like you get to experience the 'bloming and glowing' part of pregnancy they go on about! I'm muchly jealous.

Courtney said...

It was so refreshing to not fall asleep at my desk or as soon as I got home each night!
We have started deep cleaning, purging, and giving our house a face-lift. It's kind of fun!