Wednesday, March 3, 2010

dressing for two

This is me. I don't look pregnant yet, just a little tubby around the belly. In the past week I'm daily astounded by the growing shape of my belly. Every day it seems rounder and more pronounced. Hello, little love, you are growing mighty fast!

Don't get me wrong, I am hugely excited to be pregnant and enjoying the journey of being pregnant as much as I can, BUT I am really struggling with the dressing part. I think I've mentioned on here before how much I enjoy clothes. They are my guilty pleasure, and I splurge often on some key quality pieces and enjoy wearing them tremendously.

Right now, I am too small to fit into pregnancy wear but not fitting into most of my normal clothes either. I had bought a pair of maternity work pants in my normal size, and I wore them to work Monday and they kept sliding down my belly, despite being elastic waisted and leaving an awkward bump under my sweater. On the other hand, most of my fitted office wear is way too tight or atleast not comfortable to wear. And these days comfort is paramount. So every morning before work is a semi battle. I've mostly been wearing dresses and tights, but yesterday I paired leggings with a longer tunic top. I've never worn leggings to work before, but comfort was crying my name.

So this is my conundrum. For non-work wear, I've been living in leggings/jeggings and am looking forward to Spring as I already have so many empire and maxi dresses that should be flattering on my pregnant shape. But it's the office wear that is trickey... Maybe once I fill out I'll enjoy buying and wearing maternity wear, but from the stuff I've seen so far the medium priced options are not too appealing. They're boxy and not flattering. And yes some designers make lovely, unique pieces but I have a hard time justifying paying those prices for a few months wear. It leaves me feeling decently priced and stylish maternity wear is a market no one's focused any attention on- what I need is a JCrew or Banana Republic maternity line?!
What have you all been wearing? Where have you been shopping?


Kelli said...

I completely understand your pain! While I'm not a huge fashionista, what woman WANTS to lok frumpy...especially when she's pregnant?? Not I!

What I did at first was to get a couple of Bella Bands (they were pretty cheap in relation to paying for maternity clothes)so that I could wear my existing pants longer (unbuttoned with the band over the waist) and my maternity pants sooner (to keep the elastic belly part from sliding). They oome in different colors (black, white, nude) so that they don't show under lighter colored or weighted clothes.

That coupled with looser styled shirts (like your cute tunic) worked for much longer than anticipated...I even have one pair of dress pants that (because of the low-waisted cut) that I still wear with the band. Other than that, most of my stuff I have ordered online because I have had hard time finding things that fit my too short but still round shape. Oh, the joy. :) But it's working for just took a little research and trying some different things out.

BTW: I love your tunic shirt/look. :) COuld you pair some of those spring items that you talked about with a cardigan/blazer/wrap to press them into use a little earlier than planned?

Courtney said...

I understand completely. I told my husband the other day that I feel like I have someone else's body that I don't know what to do with yet! Like you, I'm loving being pregnant it is just a transition to make!!

Red said...

You look great! I know it is hard while you are 'in between'. Soon you will have a massive belly to contend with but your maternity clothes will be so comfortable!

This time for me, I have poped so early I am already in maternity clothes. It is only really for your first that you have the conumdrum you have now!

jenn said...

I'm having the same issue! None of the maternity clothes seem to fit me at all. I'm 6' tall so sort legs are an issue for me. Also, it seems like they are all low cut and fall or roll down. I can't tell if this is because of the bit of belly I have pushing it down more, or if I don't fill them out. There are also not really many cute options that I would buy, because like you, I cant see paying alot for something that I wont be wearing for very long. Target used to have cute maternity clothes but all they seem to have now is sweat pants, and I can't live in sweats as comphy as that sounds.