Sunday, March 7, 2010


How far along: 14 weeks (and 3 days)!

Total weight change: 6 lbs. So 1 lb increase since last week. Which is a relief. I seemingly gained all 5 lbs in a short span, so I was dreading that that trend would continue, since my belly seems a whole lot bigger this week. It's atleast temporarily slowed down. My leg is healed and I'm to working out a few times a week not to mention my daily 40 minute walk to work/back home. Hoping this will help keep me strong and not gain more weight than reccomended.

Maternity clothes: I did a separate post on this. Not fitting into maternity wear quite yet, but regular pants are too tight. So I've been enjoying wearing dresses with tights for work, and living in leggings for my casual look.

Stretch marks: no. Still slathering on the Vaseline Cocoa Butter gel body oil

Sleep: on and off, but better than before I think. Friday I slept 14 hours- I was just exhausted. Other nights I sleep 7 or so, but it's back that makes it uncomfortable. Atleast I'm not waking up to pee anymore!!

Best moment this week: learning one of my best friends is also pregnant and she's a few weeks ahead of me. We have been having such a blast sharing our experiences and already planning play-dates for our kids during our respective maternity leaves.

Movement: nothing

Food cravings: still sour- bought a whole pineapple and cut it up, pleased with myself. Which didn't last long once I realised there are a lot of people online saying to not eat much pineapple while preggers as it brings on contractions?? Will have to ask my doctor. The intense craving for junk food has died down somewhat (I had fries yesterday!) but atleast I'm not wanting chips and fries and nuggets every day. Trying to eat better, and it's been mostly working.

Gender: still guessing it's a boy .. ?

What I miss: sushi still. We were at a dinner party last night and the cheese board looked amazing and full of exotic cheeses. I didn't risk it, but rest assured I gazed longingly at it all evening.

What I'm looking forward to next: just enjoying Spring with my little love (which helps as I'm feeling like my old self again in the 2T). It's finally warming up slightly here, and Spring looks to be on the horizon.


Courtney said...

You look fabulous!! Guessing boy??? You have a feeling??
I can't wait for Spring and dresses.

sienna said...

congrats on the pregnancy!! i just rolled through your whole blog. can i ask you the name of the pcos doctor that you said in nyc?? i'm not that happy with my doctors, and want one with more of a background in pcos. thankS!

sienna said...

Hi there. My email is Thanks!!