Monday, March 29, 2010

17 weeks

How far along: 17 weeks, 4 days!

Total weight change: 10 lbs, so gained 2 lbs this week. Still having a tough time with the weight gain issue. I realize it's all pregnancy and normal part of the process, but somehow gaining more the "recommended weight" makes me feel like I'm doing something wrong. I feel a little helpless at the way my weight is going up and up, regardless of how healthy I eat or the exercising I do... A friend who recently had a child told me to throw away my scale and rely on the doctor's office to relay if I was gaining "too much"- what can I say I like being in control...My tummy is getting huge though- seems like a lot of growth going on recently!!

Maternity clothes: Really enjoying adapting my dresses into work-wear with leggings and tights. In terms of pregnancy purchases, I bought a few items at Motherhood Maternity, which I really love: these leggings (which fit more like skinny pants and of a thicker material than typical leggings- I could LIVE in these!!) and these spanx like shapers- they're perfect in terms of smoothing out lumps and bumps but have plenty of material around the belly. Love this! Oh and this dress is so perfect for work- only wish they made it in more colors.

Stretch marks: no

Sleep: on and off. Not as good as last week, and find myself not sleeping as deeply and tossing and turning :( Have also returned to 1st trimester like fatigue- probably related to the not sleeping well.

Best moment this week: guys, I felt some movement last night! It was more pronounced than the "flutters" I've felt before and actually felt like a slight kick. I felt it twice :)

Movement: see above

Food cravings: still having the same food aversions... still really hungry... still craving sour.

Gender: I'm getting a little annoyed that my doctor is having us wait another 4 weeks for the anatomy scan- no fair.

What I miss: sushi still... and this wknd we went out for my favorite Mexican meal, and I really missed a strong margarita on the rocks with salt - mmmmmmmmm

What I'm looking forward to next: feeling more movements this week

Milestones: I can't believe I just started the 5th month of my pregnancy.


Lucky Jones said...

Yay for 17 weeks!!! And those leggings? I have like 3 pair - I also have a pair from Pea in the Pod (2x the $) that aren't as good. I live in those leggings, even with my gargantuan 37 week twin belly!

And YAY for kicks! They are so wonderful!

Katie said...

I'm so jealous that you are feeling movement! You must just be in heaven feeling those little jabs. I think you are right about the growth spurt, because I am really starting to pop out too! Happy 17.5 weeks!

jenn said...

I am having control issues with the weight gain too. It seems so strange to me that after spending a year loseing weight, and now I am working hard to gain some. Its strange seeing that scale go the other way.

YAY for baby kicks arent they great?! My little one likes food alot I think because it has a dance party after I eat.

Good luck with the waiting for the U/S. Its crazy hard! I just want to be able to call the baby by name.

Kelli said... exciting! Isn't finally feling them move the most incredible, wonderful, awesome thing?!

I'm right there with you on the weight thing. At 29 weeks, I've gained 14 pounds...totally within the 'limits' but completely distressing to me. I like your friend's 'throw away the scale' idea but I'm just too much of a conrtol freak, too! I just keep trying to tell myself that as long as the baby's healthy that it's okay. I can just lose it after she comes...I hope! :)

Here's hoping the next 4 weeks fly by til your anatomy scan! Hang in there!

Courtney said...

I decided this morning on NO MORE SCALE! I eat super healthy and still workout 4-5 days a week and I am still over the "recommended gain!" I will feel so much better not knowing the number!
It is definately a big adjustment on your mentality!