Saturday, March 13, 2010

Dear Baby

Dear baby,

today I am going through my closet. Taking down the clothes I already don't fit into, making space for the things I may still fit into...making space for Spring and all the promise it holds. Making space for the you that is growing strong and steadily in my belly. As I gently fold these clothes, I think of how my body is changing ... really how everything is changing. I smile as it occurs to me that I most likely won't bring out this work wear until 2011. I wrap you, albeit my belly, in my warm embrace and think how natural it feels that I love you already so much. And as I smile all to myself and do a little dance, with Ms. Kreviazuk playing in the background, her lyrics strike a chord. You feel like we already belong to each other, and I know that when we finally meet some 5.5 months from now we'll already know each other. I your mama, you my baby.

Your father and I have wanted you for so long. And just the thought that you'll be with us soon makes tears of happiness, endless joy, stream down my cheeks. You, our little miracle. You, our little love.

"If you knew how happy you're making me.... I never thought I'd love anyone so much. It feels like home to me."

your mama


Kelli said...

Precious, Mama...absolutely precious. Your little one is super blessed to have such a wonderful family to come into. :)

Courtney said...

I have loved this song since I heard it on "How to lose a guy in 10 days". It gets me every time! It has a different meaning these days!
Precious letter. You are already a great mama!