Wednesday, March 31, 2010

things that are growing

Today we talk about a very serious topic- bras.
I've spent half of my thirty years a 36C. A size I've grown accustomed to. For all my love of shopping, I hate bra shopping. I find a style that works for me and literally buy the same bra again and again, for a few yrs on end. Also unlike most other pregnant ladies, being 5'4, adding another cup size did not appeal to me at all.
Thankfully I don't seem to have gone up a cup size. Or atleast not yet. I can still use my 36C bras. BUT the band was getting to be painfully tight. I tried on a 38C and a 36D this past weekend, but neither fit right. Finally in a moment of serendipity I spotted this beautiful contraption at the store- a bra strap extender. EXACTLY the product I needed.
If any ladies are facing the same problem, these are a genius invention. They cost $10 and come in a pack with three "extenders" in black, white and tan. Mine is the "Hollywood Tape" brand but googling it online looks like many manufacturers make this product.
Ok done w/my PSA for the day.

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