Wednesday, March 10, 2010

fetal doppler- help!

I had purchased a doppler at BrUs that didn't work at all. Waste of money, piece of junk.

Today I got the one I'd ordered on Amazon (at the reccomendation of several ladies on here)- the Baby Sounds Fetal Doppler. I found the heartbeat after a few minutes in my lower right belly area, way way down there. The digital reader seems off, but even counting ourselves I got around 80 heartbeats/minute, which seems too low to be the baby's.

Looking online, found this: "At times, the doppler picks up sounds from the mother's side of the placenta and relays her heartbeat instead of the fetus'."

I found my own heartbeat in my chest area and the count was around 80, so the one I'm picking up in my lower belly could very well be my own. Although it's weird that that's the only place on my belly area I can hear a heartbeat... even if it's my own.

Ladies who have experience with a doppler- how'd you find the baby's heartbeat? How did you differentiate it from your own?


Katie said...

The first time I used my doppler I found my heartbeat first! It took awhile to find baby's, but once you find it you will know because it is roughly twice as fast as yours. It is very distinctive, and as soon as you find it you'll know where to place the doppler. Ours is still pretty low, like just above my hair line (tmi, sorry!). Good luck...if there;s any advice I can give is to push hard on your abdomen and be patient!

Jill said...

When baby was still really really small, like yours is now, it was really difficult. Like sometimes it would take 20 minutes of going really slow and looking all over. What you heard is definitely your heartbeat. I can find exactly what you are describing on both sides of my abdomen. You will know when you find the baby's. It is about twice as fast. Good luck! Oh, it also helped to angle the contact pad rather than keeping it flat on my belly.

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