Friday, March 12, 2010

back to normal

thanks ladies for listening to me rant in the previous post. Just a quick update to say I thought about my feelings and how to explain it to the husband so that he understands what I need right now. He really does try- I guess with my ever changing cravings, moods and hormones he doesn't know what to do. We had a good conversation and tonight he surprised me with my favorite Mexican for dinner :)

As for the doppler- found the heartbeat! Thanks ladies who left comments for your advice. I looked in exactly the same place as last time, and it took 5 minutes, but this time found both my own as well as the babies... and you're right they're distinctly different.

Have a lovely weekend everyone! I for one am looking forward to not doing much and getting in some extra sleep.


sienna said...

glad you're feeling better! your last post wasn't airing dirty laundry - we all get mad at our husbands from time to time - doesn't mean we don't love them to pieces! no one's judging you here :o)

you have me craving mexican now. might have to get some for dinner tonight. have a great weekend!

Kelli said...

Glad that you're feeling better. :) Gettings ome extra rest always helps me feel more like myself, so maybe taking it easy this weekend will help you, too. Hugs!