Wednesday, March 24, 2010

A Day in Food

Breakfast, 9am: a yogurt. I normally have oatmeal, or eggs and toast but was running late this morning and grabbed a yogurt to eat at the office

Snack, 12pm: carrots

Lunch, 1pm: a Subway chicken breast footlong on wheat, which I inhaled
Snack, 3pm: orange and a few strawberries

Snack, 6pm: a twinkie. Still at the office and starving, so the vending machine got the better of me :(

Dinner, 8pm: two softshell tacos, a side salad, some chips and salsa
comments: pros- got plenty of fresh fruits. cons- should have eaten more protein, ie added a hard boiled egg, or a bowl of lentil soup. Tomorrow... tomorrow...


Kelli said...

That menu doesn't look to bad to me, NYC...don't be too hard on yourself. I wouldn't be nearly as proud to post my daily eats these days. :)

Oh, and Happy 17 Weeks!!

Courtney said...

Not too shabby! Oh a twinkie!!! Yummy