Tuesday, December 22, 2009

2ww hell

today is 10dpo.

I couldn't help myself yesterday and POAS last night. This was after 90 minutes of uncomfortable cramping earlier in the evening. It was a BFN.

Perhaps too early too test?

It's been a strange month post ovulation. I've been having a lot of stomach pain, it comes and goes. My lower abdomen is also really tender and usually we sleep with husband embracing me with his hand ending up across my abdomen. I can't stand it anymore- it almost hurts.

I've also been breaking out. Normally I break out a ton while on clomid, but once the 5 days are over and I've O'd I have clear skin the remainder of the month. This month I still have zits all over. Ugh.

I feel bloated. I pray and hope this isn't pre-period bloating, but today (4 days before expected period) I had a hard time feeling comfortable in my work pants.

It's so hard not to analyse these symptoms ... to do internet research on symptoms... I've decided with enough googling you can find someone out there that manifests each and every symptom you've had... It's easy to self-delude...I do know that if things don't work this month I will be crushed. This month it's been hard not to have increased expectations, as we had the best month yet in terms of follies, sperm, lining etc, b2b IUIs...

Husband and I decided to host a New Years eve party at our place this year and have invited over some 12 or so close friends to celebrate with. I am thinking now that this may have been a bad idea as I will be in no mood to celebrate if we don't have a BFP.

What's the earliest dpo people have gotten a positive ??


[cre] said...

hang in there girl! The one and only BFP I had was @5 wks preggo so I'm no help! But I have heard it's possible to get a BFP as early as 10dpo but I've also heard that it's too early. I think I am now 1-2 dpo and I know I'll be driving myself crazy in about a week to 10 days ... Good luck!!!!

Jill said...

My BFP was at 11dpo but it was so light that my mom couldn't even see it. I thought it was positive though so I went and bought a good digital which confirmed it. Before 11dpo I had gotten nothing.

Good luck!! I really, really hope your second line shows up!

Kate said...

Yes, hang in there! My BPF was 12 dpo and it was so, so faint... In fact, I doubt C even believed me at first. I'm afraid I don't have any insight on your abdominal pain though... hopefully it's nothing serious. Thanks for stopping by - I sure appreciate the read!


Half of a Duo, Raising a Duo said...

Don't give up. ICLW btw

NEVER give up.

If the TTC does not work, consider surrogacy.

I am a 47 nearly 48 year old mother of toddler twin sons via surrogacy.

I NEVER gave up.

I am leaving you with this. I have NO CLUE what faith you practice but it resonates, no matter what.

John 14:27 "Peace I leave with you, my peace I give unto you: not as the world giveth, give I unto you. Let not your heart be troubled, neither let it be afraid."