Friday, December 4, 2009

London... Clomid... Starting Gonal F, first time

Hi I'm back :)

Right before I left for London, I came down with a horrid cold that wouldn't go away and finally I acquiesced and went to the doctor's not wanting to worry while I was treaveling. He put me on antibiotics. This was on top of the daily metformin, and the 200 dosage of clomid this month. I surely felt like I had too much crap floating in my system.

Clomid has been a strange friend to me. I've had no side effects, even on the 200. Well a little constipation (sorry TMI) but that's it.

Finally, late late last night, I got back into town. I took Clomid last Saterday-Wednesday, and went in this morning (Friday) for a sono. One over 10, and many on both sides under 10. Hm, doesn't seem any better a response than at 150. The doctor told me to go ahead and start the Gonal F today, at 75. And come back Monday for bloodwork and another sono.

We'll see.

London was a nice reprieve - I had a very busy few days of meetings and really no time to think of anything else. I hope that the time difference doesn't confuse my body too much.

Signs are everywhere lately of how many of us suffer through IF. It makes me feel less lonely... I'm reading "American Wife" and it details the main protagonists battle with wanting a second child and touches upon it throughout the book. And then was watching Julia and Julie on the plane and the parts with Julia Child's and her husband's longing for a child had me sobbing.

I'm happy it's Friday and I have two days to get back into this time zone and relax before the next work week. A little anxious about the gonal F injection today but I hear it's as easy as Ovidrel, so I feel slightly less nervous.