Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Pity Party, table for one

Last night I lost it. Might be all the medicines running through my system or a long day at work, but I just blew up at dear husb for no reason and then ended in a pile of tears. Feeling sorry for myself pre-injection.

This IF/PCOS deal has turned my world around, and robbed me of most of my pleasures.

-I'm a major foodie and the Insulin Resistance means I'm now having to really watch what I eat. And mostly cutting out sugar/carbs.
-I love socialising, but I now haven't really had a drink in about 8 months. A glass of wine every few weeks and that's about it. It's meant drastically changing my social life as you don't want people to start thinking you're preggers...

So these two factors has meant I am spending lots of my time alone. Trying to schedule brunch/coffee dates with friends as that can avoid the alcohol situation, but NY is NY what young people do here is drink and eat.

I at one point declared that there was nothing good left in my life. I then looked up and saw the saddest expression cross my husband's face. And that ended the pity party- this man continues to be the most amazing thing in my life. He got me a rare small bowl of ice-cream, and I for the time being wiped away my tears and soldier on.

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