Thursday, December 17, 2009

are you there egg, it's me D

today I think I am 5 DPO.

But, I feel nothing in there. I think I should feel "something", the elusive "something".

And yet I feel nothing.

Hello egg hope this long journey from follicle to implantation is going slow but steady.

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[cre] said...

I come via IComLeavWe!!!

I'm still waiting to O! Well, at least I think I am still waiting ... I had what I thought was a positive OPK on Fri then again on Sat and Sun and again this morning! I'm not supposed to have pos OPKs for 4 days am I?? I'm so confused, maybe it's not quite a positive yet and it's going to be soon!! I'm on month 2 of Clomid ... Happy Holidays! xxx