Sunday, December 27, 2009

PCOS curse

So I am going in early tomorrow morning for bloodwork to confirm whether or not I'm pregnant.

I'm anxious.

I assume they'll check for HCG and Progesterone but I want to make sure everything is as good as it should be.

Ladies- was there anything else you tested for? When was the first ultrasound? I almost wish it'd be tomorrow, to get some sort of confirmation that everything is ok in there.

As happy as this news is for us, we haven't been able to celebrate in the elated fashion I thought we would. There's still the small nagging fear that things may not go the way we want... The curse of PCOS I suppose- you wait so long for this and yet there's still that nagging doubt. Starting today I've been doing a HPT every few hours... taking my temperature every few hours... Checking my panties to make sure AF hasn't decided to make an appearance... Dreading anything change. Ugh, wish I could just enjoy this.

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Jill said...

That's all they've ever tested me for - hcg and progesterone. They couldn't do an ultrasound because it's too early to see anything. I had an ultrasound at about 6 weeks the first time because they feared an ectopic pregnancy. This second time they did one at 7w3d because of my previous miscarriage.

Oh, good luck tomorrow! I hope it goes great!!