Monday, December 28, 2009

I'm Pregnant!!

Dr's just called back.

My HCG was 114 (today is 16dpo)
My progesterone was > 20. That's all they would say.

Need to go do some research but I believe these are good numbers!!!



Jill said...

Wonderful, fabulous news! Congratulations! I am so, so happy for you. Your progesterone looks good and your hcg is good but there is such a wide possible range that it doesn't mean much unless they test again to ensure it doubles within 48-72 hrs. Are they going to do that? The important thing is that you are pregnant!!

Jill said...

P.S. Here is the link I like for hormone levels in early pregnancy:

jlynn said...

Congrats!!! WIshing you a very happy and healthy 9 mos.

Happy ICLW :)

[cre] said...

oh wow!!! Congratulations!! I'm 6dpo, driving myself nuts!!!

Serendipity said...

fantastic news, I hope everything doubles nicely for you! Congrats :)

trying in Manhattan said...

thanks everyone!

My numbers did double in my 2nd beta.. so far so good...

Anonymous said...


Thank you for much for leaving a comment on Dec 19th in my blog. I had followed the link and OMG, you are pregnant!

Congratulation! And thank you so much for giving me this such a big present in the new year - HOPE!

Best wishes and take care :)

Happy New Decade!

This is going to be the decade you get busy sending your kids to school :)

pipu80 said...

Hey, I have been following your blog ever since I started the fertility treatment. I had my first/second IUI on May 22 and May 23rd and I got pregnant the same cycle. DH and I are so excited. we were both so teary eyed. My HCG at 17DPO was 387 and the doc said it was good. I am going tomm again for the HCG test at 20DPO. I hope it has increased and all is well. Thnks for sharing. I wish you and your baby the best of health and happiness.