Tuesday, December 29, 2009

the universe has it's own ideas

I had a semi-cold yesterday as the husband has had one. Last night it's gotten worse. Today it's a full fledged cold. I read that being pregnant lowers your immunity- strange how Jill had a cold right about now too. Since Husband's cold is now gone, I'm not going to worry myself about H1N1.

Though I may ask about this when I see the Dr. next week as we're heading to Mexico for a beach vacay next week.

Isn't it funny how the world conspires against you? Tired after month after month of BFN, this month I'd gone ahead and scheduled my first acunpuncture visit, a massage and signed up for a sushi making class. I've cancelled the first two and lost my $$ on the third. Now that I'm pregnant, I'm also wondering why I didn't enjoy the occassional drink... and sushi more. I won't really miss anything else other than sushi I think.

Other than the cold, I've been ravenous today. Otherwise no other symptoms.

Starting to feel anxious once again about tomorrow's beta.


Jill said...

Oh I'm hoping for a good beta for you tomorrow! And my immune system definitely took a huge hit in those first few weeks! I really didn't feel too sick, the fever just really scared me. Hope you feel better soon!

trying in Manhattan said...

thx! When I was in today for my second Beta, the nurse said it's fine to take Tylenol Cold and Flu... I think I'll avoid taking anything..

But my undereye circles must have been pretty bad because she asked if I was having trouble sleeping and when I said yes, she said Tylenol PM is fine to take as well.

Hmm.. I'd rather be drug free but good to know these options are out there.

Hoping to be cold-free in time for our New Yrs party tomorrow!